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July 4th $ Bomb for FreedomSlate08

Ron Paul Revolutionaries Trade Fireworks for Money Bomb July 4th

Quick quote:

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - July 1, 2008) - www.FreedomSlate08.com -- Over 25 congressional candidates running on a Ron Paul "Freedom" platform have united for a mass fundraising "Money Bomb" event July 4th to raise funds for their campaigns. Each www.FreedomSlate08.com candidate is committed to four major tenets: ending the overseas empire and bringing the troops home, ending the Federal Reserve, limiting the federal government to its proper Constitutional framework, and dismantling the police state.

Among those on the slate who will benefit from this money bomb are B.J. Lawson, David Gay, Linda Goldthorpe, and Michael Benoit. Donations are to be made directly on candidates' websites, all of which are readily accessible via FreedomSlate08.

This was launched by BreakTheMatrix.com.

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Only 882 pledges?

For 25 freedom candidates? Guys, can't we do better than this? This is a huge opportunity for us to get Ron Paul some support in Congress, and no one seems interested.

Well, I'm in, and I'll donate as much as I can :)

Awesome this is getting

Awesome this is getting picked up everywhere!!