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Need a Constitution Slim Jim

I would really like to see a Constitution Slim Jim or a more general slim jim that appeals to the most people possible . . . it seems the slim jims are now very specific. It would be nice to have one with very broad appeal.

For instance, I think having a drawing/image of the Founding Fathers on the back would appeal to more people than having Ron Paul with Ronald Reagan which might only appeal to conservatives.

My ideal slim jim would go something like this:

Ron Paul 2008
Hope For America
(New, cool smiling photo of Dr. Paul)
Ron Paul for President:
* Will protect your privacy- no Real ID
* Will protect your constitutional rights- no 'Patriot Act'
* Will protect your right to a fair trial-restore Habeas Corpus
* Will end the federal income tax
* Will protect your 2nd Amendment rights
* Will bring our troops home from Iraq and rebuild our national defense
* Will secure our borders and stop illegal immigration
* Will strengthen the dollar, stop defecit spending, and stop the 'inflation tax'
* Will put America first and oppose trade deals that threaten American independence (incl. UN, GATT, NAFTA, WTO, CAFTA)
* Will keep the internet free and oppose regulation

On the other side it would have the now familiar list:

Ron Paul has:
never voted to raise taxes.
never voted for an unbalanced budget.
never taken a government-paid junket.
not participated in the lucrative congressional pension program.
repeatedly been named the "Tax-payers' Best Friend" in Congress.

It would also have a good quote by Ron Paul and a small biography with a pic. It would have a reminder to register Republican for the primary elections. And it would have the official website listed.

I really like the mosaic flyers and the Founding Fathers flyers and their bullet points. But I also like the heavier weight of the paper and the smaller size of the slim jim. I'm hoping the campaign will look at all the flyers ever created and create a Constitution Slim Jim that not only appeals to Republicans, but also Independents and Democrats, i.e. Americans.

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There's a new one

There's one available now that is very similar to what you've described. It doesn't seem specific to right leaning voters as the one with reagan does. It mentions all of those points, has not picture of reagan and has a good bio, that even mentions that he grows organic tomotoes :)

It seems geared to the independent voter and those left of center. I got mine through the campaign site.

slim jims

I'm not sure but I understand that they have come out with some new slim jims. Maybe someone here could point us to the website that
handles them. I got come business size Ron Paul cards that are very nice at LibertyCard.org and put one in with a Freedom to Fascism DVD to hand out. Their also nice to use when you go out to eat and leave one with a nice tip for the waiter or waitress. You may decide you like the handy small size of the
business size card better than the slim jim. Also the business card only
shows Dr. Pauls picture and no one else on the card. Hope this helps.

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Ron Paul Store

On the campaign's website you can go to the store. Here's the link:


There you can find slim jims, lawn signs, bumper stickers, and shirts.

At the paul mall you can find a mosaic flyer that looks very nice and a new Founding Fathers flyer. Here's the link: