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Video of McCain Admitting He Has No Respect for Constitution

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I'm against McCain-Feingold

I'm against McCain-Feingold specifically, but I must say that I do question the validity of calling political donations "speech." There is a problem when you must have access to tens of millions of dollars to even have a serious chance of becoming president. I haven't been able to think of a response to that problem that doesn't raise other problems, however.

Liberty for Dummies

Yeah, he sucks..everyone

Yeah, he sucks..everyone knows..that is why Obama videos get hundreds of thousands and way over a million views...there is no R candidate without RP, and the Democraps are on a roll..


... The Ron Paul Revolution has an alternative - the internet. And we also raised a bunch of money (probably would have raised more if we weren't capped at $2500).

Regardless... The concept of law is a joke anyway. It has been that way since the beginning of the country (i.e. Alien and Sedition acts). There has never been respect for the rule of law, and therefore there has never been rule of law.

The only way I can ever see the constitution respected is for the population to put that concept first, and to remain permanently as riled up as they were in the '60s.

Man, oh


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There has to be a choice?

"Clean" government and First Amendment protections are mutually exclusive?

DISGUSTING!!!!! "Clean" government vs one that respects the

Constitution?? Tell him to go take a HIKE!!!!!!!!

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Historic moment at WA State Convention at minute 4 here!!
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