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The Ugliness Of War

Most of us who have never been in a war don't have a real grasp of it,we see it in movies and on the evening news. For the most part we have images of heroes storming the beaches at Normandy.But there is another side to war that few have ever seen and most don't want to see.For the most part our soldiers are highly patriotic people doing a service they are called on to do no questions asked.But when you take young men and women and teach them how to kill without remorse there exist a percentage of them to break away from all human decency.The soldiers depicted in this video are just that.The insanity of war has turned them into something far removed from caring humans.This video is not recommended for anyone who is sqeamish.It contains graphic violence,and extreme language.Though some of the people involved in this video have been identified and legal processes have been brought against them,there is something you should be aware of.Not all of these people will be indentified,and this is just a small portion of the whole that may be out there.In time these people will be coming back to America,and try to assimilate themselves back into society.They will be your children's teacher,your Police Chief,your Senator.


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I can't watch, I was watching CSPAN last night

and a woman was talking about a diary recently found of a 14 yr old Polish Jew. She was the woman's half sister and ended up going to the gas chambers. As I said they just found her diary and is considered the Polish Anne Frank.

The young girl writes about things she witnessed, one mentioned was a soldier ripping a baby -not more then a few months old- out of it's mother's arms and bashing it's head against a pole and the babies brains and blood splatter... this was for no reason, just the woman walked by the soldier at the wrong time. Mind you these words were written by a CHILD.

My point in telling this is not only are the soldiers changed and put back into society, but so are the victim survivers. I heard the other day that Iraqi women are turning to prostitution in large numbers as they try to survive the war and provide for their family. Many of these women are committing suicide because they can't live with the shame.

War is ugly. I can barely live with all the pain our government is inflicting on our soldiers, their families and our inocent "enemies."

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Ashamed to be an American

I’ve seen this video before, but forced myself to watch it again, I'm truly ashamed to be an American.

As God is my witness, the cries of these innocent people have not gone unheard!

May God have mercy on us all, for allowing this psychopath (Bush) to do the things he has done, all in the name of the USA.


The Winds of Change!

I get you clearly. I'm not

I get you clearly. I'm not ashamed of being an American, I'm ashamed and embarassed of the American government. But that won't lead me to renounce my American citizenship, no matter what. I've always said to myself that if I give my American citizenship up, I'm letting the corporatists win. I didn't do it and now that the fire is on neither. If we're chosen to put our country back on its tracks, we need to try to do so. That video made me so outraged I was disgusted. I hope God will help those of us that are trying to put freedom back into our country's heart.

I consider myself very lucky

I consider myself very lucky not to have gone to war. Apparently, when both wars started, I was in high school so that saved me but also the fact I was living in another country. I come from a family of soldiers, ever since the Revolutionary War. My dad was the last Gorman to serve at war during Vietnam and I had a first cousin who was in the reserves during the Gulf War. My dad even almost got called to the fight in Cuba. If I had been back home, I think if I wanted to go on the battlefield, it would've been Afghanistan. I cried both times when I heard we were going to war with Afghanistan and Iraq, but Iraq was the most painful: I cried and yelled with all my heart (and I'm very sure most of you did the same), asking what's happening to our country and what have we become. But I thought about what the troops must be going through. I could lie and say I know what they're going through but I don't know what it is to live during times of war as a soldier, even though my dad has told me bits and pieces of Vietnam, but it's not the same thing for me. I think what we must do is try to talk to all the Vets coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan about what we represent. IMHO, those of us who didn't go to war are trying to welcome the soldiers back to a free country. I think the message of freedom would be very strong with most of them (how come Dr. Paul got the most contributions of any candidate from the 2 major parties from the military? the message of freedom) What my generation and other generations older than mine could try to do is welcome them back to a land of freedom of all sorts, not a fascisim of all sorts. They deserve a hell of alot better than what's going on now.

good video

good video