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Remember when Someone opposed Ron Paul for Congress....

And the Revolution got together and flushed that turd?

I say that we get someone to run against McCain for his Senate seat, because he certainly won't be elected President and we could get rid of this leech forever.


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Goldwater won't run

If i'm not mistaken barry jr is not in good health. I've seen him in interviews and he always looks like hes in discomfort. If he was going to run, it would have been sometime last decade. Besides I don't think McCain is up for election this year.

This should be absolutely

This should be absolutely mandatory. Think about it. If/when McCain loses to Obama. McCain will become the fulcrum point from which policy will be guided in the Obama administration. If McCain keeps his Senate seat his voice will be pivotal when the pandering begins.

Commission on Presidential Debates - http://www.debates.org/pages/sitesel.html
National Ballot Access - http://www.directdemocracy.com/
Voters for none of the above - http://nota.org/
Black Box Voting - http://www.blackboxvoting.org/

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what ever happened

with the petition to recall Senator McCain?

Standing in line tonight

at Barnes and Nobles I saw the cover of Fortune magazine. "How McCain will fix the economy". I gagged a little, thinking to myself what kind of an idiotic solution will he espouse, and more importantly will the readers actually buy into the idea it will be of any value.

Here it is:


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It probably won't matter

It probably won't matter either way, as McCain's many tumors will almost certainly have consumed him by then. At which point he will become "The Blob" as in the old 1950's sci-fi movie, spreading over the land and absorbing all that stands before him --- until Ron Paul shows up and confronts him with a copy of the Constitution, at which point he will shrivel up into a cinder.

ROFL! That painted a great

ROFL! That painted a great comic!

even though

I wish them gods speed (the tumors) but He will bounce back like Kennedy to do more harm then good. What would it hurt to let him know in his final days that he is to us as the cancer that consumes him? I think we should drive the point home that just maybe he is getting his just deserves in this cancer for the cancer he inflicted on us. I could say he swore an oath to God and may He have mercy on his sole but I want justice and I want it now!!!!!

I think it will matter, I believe it will matter and I think it should be done. I feel it sends a clear message to the next person, obey the law or perish. I do hope the cancer wins and Ron Paul is left to pick up the nomination and save our collective asses but we should get McCain out of politics forever. I think every hack we get out of office does matter to the Ron Paul revolution.

I like you're thinking!!!

Ha Ha Ha Ha, ah ha, ha ha!


The best thread in a while, yes we should flush him. Let's get the ball rolling, who do we have in the meetup groups out there? What can we do to make this happen?

by the way...

Please help promote my new video for the July 12th D.C. March, I believe it could make a difference in attendance.



SPLENDID IDEA!!! How about


How about Goldwater Jr.? Take back his father's seat!

Goldwater Jr.

Would be the dream candidate!

I Second that Motion


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Can we call a vote?

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lets get him "on the horn"

The Revolution could definitely make this happen!

His Senate seat = P.O.W. ". Rescue it!" [Prisoner Of Washington]

His Senate seat = P.O.W. ". Rescue it!" ["P"risoner "O"f "W"ashington]...
http://www.govtrack.us/congress/person.xpd?id=300071 "Onward" >>>
The Golden
Boot in 2010!

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If it's not too late to get on the ballot

it's a great idea.

If we possibly can, we need to always put up opposition against any/all of these jackasses.
If we always provide opposition, there is always a chance for us.
If we run nobody, we cannot win.

This is where the C4L should be front and center, and I believe that is what RP intended for its purpose.

I love that idea

since he is my senator and I certainly didn't elect him. We proconstitutionalists in Arizona will certainly be working on this.


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Wow, that is

a great idea. Peace

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I think that Barry Goldwater

I think that Barry Goldwater Jr. is an amazing choice, and the free publicity will be EXCELLENT due to his father's past. Any other candidate will most likely get squashed...unless they have some sort of name value. That's just being realistic, not pessimistic. McCain's been reelected for quite a few years now...however, all this media attention will expose his ineptitude to not only the whole nation as a viable presidential candidate, but particularly to AZ as a Senator. This would be a great time for a genius like Goldwater Jr...if he's still interested in politics, that is.

How can we get ahold of him?