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This Nov 5th please donate between 12 am and 9 am EST

This is completely unofficial. But I suspect that there is going to be such a tremendous donation effort on the 5th that the worse thing that can happen is to take the site down. So please if you can donate in the early morning hours during the slow time to prevent the site from going down. Also, please do not go to the site unless you are making a donation. You can view the success of the donation from the lady Liberty widgets on www.ronpaulgraphs.com and www.ronpaulforpresident2008.com Do your best not to restrict the servers of the campaign by camping on the site. Remember, we are about to make history so lets get fired up. The Fargo, ND Meetup group is watching V for Vendetta and then making our donations. Have fun and lets make history.


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This brings up a question I have had for a while -- is EST the official time zone for November 5th. This could have an impact on giving, and I would hate to give at 12:05 am EST just to have it not count for the official daily count.

Actually, I will probably just time my giving with getting up with my newborn in the wee hours of the morning (so as to avoid the high traffic times as suggested), but I think it would be good to officially announce the time frame of this effort.

$219.56 raised on ebay so far for Monday morning!!!

This Canadian guy is buying all my comics I've listed on ebay that will in turn be donated to Ron's campaign, EARLY EARLY EARLY Monday morning. $219.56 so far plus the 'it' that has yet to sell...and I haven't even gone in the snake infested shed in the backyard....that will change tonight. If we can get just 20,000 Paulite/spammers @ $500 each....BANG! BOOM! SHOCK and AWE!


I left feedback for the good Canadian that went something like 'Ebay buyer prevented world war 3...thanks'

Also the few of us donating more than $100

Should do so in chunks...That way the donations come in steadily. Say a $100 every hr :)

The problem with this idea

Is that the credit card companies would eat bigger percentages via multiple fees if you do this. Also, it might (hopefully...) even put a strain on the campaign's web resources, so I'd advise against it -- fun as it sounds. Everyone who possibly can should max-out that day in the name of annoying the news media and helping the campaign, and everyone else give a hundred bucks or what you feel you can. But preferably in one donation! :)

sounds fair

One big donation works too