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LIONS FOR LAMBS Cinematic Trailer - Please Watch!

WOW!!! Has everyone seen this trailer? This is VERY powerful. This movie is coming out at an ideal time in Ron Paul's vie for President and has the RAW emotional and mental POWER to change people's ideas and understanding about the war in Iraq. This could really open people's eyes and hearts and cause them to re-examine what America is doing on the Global Stage by demonstrating the reality and impact of war on people's lives. This trailer is mind-blowing.

Tom Cruise personally thanked Ron Paul in the green room before the Jay Leno show (according to several reports) for his fight against the implementation of mental screening of school children and other health related issues. Please support this movie and help people "connect the dots."


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"They bank on your apathy" - wake up call to the rest of America

"They bank on your apathy. They plan strategies around it," is a wake up call to the rest of America.

"The problem is not with the people who started the war, it's with us. Who do nothing."

Powerful lines from Robert Redford's character.

The Age of the Soundbyte

"Do you want to win the War on Terror? Yes or No?"

Canada Loves Ron Paul

Canada Loves Ron Paul

Can't Wait

This looks damn good. Thanks for the link.