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I am giving more than $100 on november 5th.

I am not a rich man. I work in a resturant. I have been saving as much money as I can for this november 5th. I am at $300 right now. I hope many more are doing the same thing, I am 34 years old and voting for the first time in my life. Ron Paul 2008.

I am not only doing this for me. I am also a single father of an 8 year old boy. I am looking out for his future to. I dont want him to have to fight in a needless war either.

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can't wait

Christmas is coming early for me. I am donating first thing in the morning Nov 5 and again on Nov 11. It will only be $100 each time, but I am happy to do what I can and set goals.

Canada Loves Ron Paul

Canada Loves Ron Paul

Thank you!

Every $ counts, and we'll see the benefits soon. RP's going to climb the polls [bias and retarded ones] New Hampshire is going to show everyone whats up. He's going to win.


Planning to cap out with my Monday donation of $1700 - all from savings.

Good on you! I'm doing the

Good on you! I'm doing the same thing.

This should prove to be a monumental day.

I'm 24 about to put a

I'm 24 about to put a deposit on my first apt with my wife and I'm in at least 200.

$550 from me.

$550 from me.


$1000 from me

yes, that is how important I think it is.

It's nice to see so many

It's nice to see so many people who are trying as hard as they can to "scrape" up money to donate. It is very inspiring. My only hope is that the rest of the RP supporters who "can" afford to donate the maximum do so. Personally I do not have any extra money each month but I have decided to take money from my savings so that I can donate the max. Would I rather not spend the money -- sure but I know that if we can get the good doctor elected that I can quickly recover that savings by getting ALL of my paycheck.

Imagine if we could get 5,000 supporters to donate the max on the 5th. That would be 11 million PLUS what everyone else is donating.

Let's make this 5th to not only ring but to resonate all over the world.

Im a cashier donating $400

I am a part time cashier (full time student from CA) and I'm donating $400 dollars I've managed to save up. I keep up loosely with politics and the economy and I believe Ron Paul offers real change for this country. I no longer feel dis-empowered about what I could do about the devaluation of the dollar, or governments intrusion upon my liberties, or our governments nasty military involvements around the world. Instead of just reading about it on the internet and feeling disgusted, I now have hope and a motivation to do something about it, at least do something within the means of the law.

It's not easy but

I'm also trying to put down more. In fact I'm shooting for $500... I haven't made it that far yet but trying. Trust me I don't make alot, and this really got friends and family eye's raised to how much I want this great man to win.
My friends and family who are now trying to match me or match each other. ex. for two to raise 50 each to make 100
I'm also not taking gifts this year for my birthday (this nov) nor for Christmas only cash. It's not easy because I really want to watch the transformers movie but I want a better tomorrow so much more!
I hope their are more who feel this way out there.

I am a small business owner..

..employ two others. I've given $1,500 directly to the campaign, pledged $100 for Nov. 5th, active in a meetup, spent money on signs, slim jims, and even painted my farm truck with ron paul adverts...recently, the ocala/gainesville fl groups united and we purchased a highway billboard sign on interstate I-75! pics on that tomorrow...

dig deep folks. it hurts, yes. but pain is negativity leaving the body ;-).


Man, you're awesome! Talk about puttin' in work!
You deserve a huge pat on the back.
Also, you have made me feel as though I'm not doing all I can so, I just baught some lawn signs and bumper stickers.
Thanks for the motivation!

I understand

I am a doc....applying for an internship position....down in debts and no work...still i am going to scrape up that 100dollars...because I really really for once believe that we will see a change....more like investing in the future...sometimes wished i had the2300 to give...but what the heck RON PAUL has my support and i think that means more than money....but hey every one please donate on the 5th of november...if i can then i assume anyone can....

Concur on visitors vs actual registered

It will indeed be interesting. I just hope some of the conspiracy turds haven't scared some potential supporters away. This is not about doing whatever it takes to get attention for Paul. This is about joining him in his message and distributing it with respect and concern for the country. You will find shock tactics are not needed when you engage in factual conversations.

I was up in the air about

I was up in the air about donating $100, but after reading this I'm in.

I think we're all on the same page...

I "think" this is why many did not respond to the end-of-October drive, and there are pros and cons to that strategy, but we are now in November so nevermind...lol.

Yes, many (myself included) will give more than $100 on November 5th to make a statement the MSM cannot ignore. I've even recruited my Democratic roommate who is giving $100, co-worker who has not signed up "officially" but supports RP for $100 and my mom who introduced me to Ron back in May but who has NEVER even been on the internet (mom also giving more than $100). Now, what if we all likewise (and I know many have) recruit other non-official RP supporters to do likewise?

I think an interesting thing to watch on the November 5th website is the number of subscribers vs. the HUGE number of "visitors." Let's face it, a lot of people simply do NOT want to subscribe to a lot of things in fear of junkmail, spam, etc, but I think there are a lot...actually a WHOLE LOT of people planning to do something this coming Monday. Let's keep our fingers crossed and our knees bent!

RP Nov. 5th - Clemson U


"Give a man a gun, and he could rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he could rob the world."

Love these college campus clips!

Thanks for posting, these are ALWAYS welcomed clips!!!

I'm giving $100...

All I can do now...a little behind on my mortgage...but just took a second job last week to get caught up and still be able to give. I don't care if I have to work a second job...it is worth it...this is OUR the PEOPLE'S FIGHT and we must try to win at all costs.

I also have been not eating out and saving where I can. I'm thinking that I need to start ebaying stuff in my garage that is just taking up room. There is a lot of potential cash in 'stuff' that just lies around unused.

Who is John Galt? Vote ███ ███ 2012!

Thank you clintontj72. I

Thank you clintontj72. I mean it. Thank you.


Your post really speaks to me. I am 35 with 2 young kids. I am saving and piling some money up for this. I view this an "Investment in hope".

Been skipping morning coffee (pricey) for 3 weeks now. My personal goal is $500.

IN. In for at least $100 at


In for at least $100 at minimum. Will push further if needed.

I've already been dropping my lunch money:D

I am in for $101

Like most hard up but doing all I can without getting evicted ;)

It's worth it

I've managed to scrape up $500 for 11/5. But that doesn't mean 4 of you can opt out!

You Are a Great American

chuckyball, you truly are a Great American. I mean it in a very sincere way and not like the way Sean Hannity does.

I am really touched by people like you and those students who skip meals so they can donate to Ron Paul. It is these sacrifices that motivate the rest of us.

Double Dose

I'm 31, hard up on cash, donating $200 November 5th.

What would you pay now....

To never have to pay income taxes again? Take a look at your paystub next time you get it and look at how much the government has taken out in income taxes this year. Then think about all the years you've been working and how much you've had to pay. Then think about that if we can get Ron Paul elected you will never have to pay that again. This is your one chance to forever get out of paying the income tax. Isn't that worth your maximum donation to the campaign? A little money now for a lot of money you get to keep later? Money that you earned, that is yours, that you should be able to spend as you see fit. I encourage everyone to give to the campaign as much as they can. This is our one shot of ridding ourselves of a system that basically has us enslaved to the government. Don't pass up this opportunity. If you can give 2,300 great, if you can only manage to send in 100, do it! Think of it as an investment to yourself with the payoff you being able to keep all your hard earned cash in the future. It's more than worth it.

$219.56 raised on ebay so far for Monday morning!!!

This Canadian guy is buying all my comics I've listed on ebay that will in turn be donated to Ron's campaign, EARLY EARLY EARLY Monday morning. $219.56 so far plus the 'it' that has yet to sell...and I haven't even gone in the snake infested shed in the backyard....that will change tonight. If we can get just 20,000 Paulite/spammers @ $500 each....BANG! BOOM! SHOCK and AWE!


I left feedback for the good Canadian that went something like 'Ebay buyer prevented world war 3...thanks'

Your actions are ILLEGAL!!!

He has been posting the same post on ronpaulforums . He is engaging in illegal behavior by admitting to soliciting donations indirectly from foreign donors. The FEC will be investigating him eventually. Don't do this yourself! Be smart about it.

His motives are questionable. Watch out!!!

I'm not up too much on the

I'm not up too much on the laws but how is legitimate selling of personal items and then deciding to use your own money and donating it?

no sarcasm....only curiosity.