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Last Campaign Financial Disclosure:

looks to me as though they are land owners--perhaps a small family farm? Sure was reassuring for me to see we hold many of the same investments! Kindred Spirits....
Note: I goofed! This was meant to be a reply to the queston about Ron Paul pictured on the tractor!

Um, yeah

I also don't want to be a wet blanket, but Reagan was a big phony. He talked all this talk about reducing government, but during his presidency government got pretty big and deficits ballooned.

And I am totally not getting the Gandalf reference, but whatever. The cartoon was pretty funny. The Chris Matthews parody was spot on.

Second video

Really well done overall. The John McCain part was brutally funny, but Ron Paul as Gandolf? Whoever did Chris Matthew's screaming motormouth voice was great also. However, it didn't really resolve well, except the ghost of Reagan gave a tiny nod to Dr. Paul at the end. The drawings and the audio were really tops.

The first video

Never cared much for Ronald Reagan, but I do like this video. The music is perfect. This is a good link to send around for others to see.

Not to be a wet blanket, but what the heck is Dr. Paul doing on a tractor? I've seen this picture lots of times and it just rings false. The man is a physician, not a farmer. Still, it's better than wearing a flight suit, standing in front of a "Mission Accomplished" banner.

His roots...

He's from a dairy farming family in Pittsburgh. He's probably no stranger to a tractor.