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Scoop08.com to launch Nov. 4 - student journalists

This is a site to check into. Trailer available at the site,

Young US voters may get scoop in 2008

With a year to go before the 2008 US presidential elections, young Americans are poised to mark their growing engagement in politics with an ambitious online news site.

The creators of Scoop08.com, which launches on 4 November, say it will be the first to harness the power of students across the US to follow the campaign.

We noticed there was a void when it came to national, grassroots, student journalism that really could have an impact on issues of importance," said co-founder Alexander Heffner, 17.

Whether the venture sky-rockets or fizzles, its very existence reflects a social shift that candidates and major parties ignore at their peril.

Namely, America's young voters, traditionally seen as apathetic, are becoming more active voters - and there are more and more of them.
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The site also intends to shed light on under-reported issues and the less-known presidential candidates, drawing on its geographically, ethnically and socially diverse team to do so.
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