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Tonight Show bump bigger than $5mil fund raising news


That was some great publicity! It must have made some people "Google Ron Paul" :)

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And now for CFR Team B results

here's how he stacks up against hillary and the democrat crew



And now compare with the the "Top Tier"

here's how the rest are doing compare to RP in the same time period



You misspelled Mitt... 2 "t"

You misspelled Mitt... 2 "t" not 1... his line went up a little, but not significantly.



Ron Paul is getting more hits in Australia and Canada than other candidates are getting in the US.


Thanks for sharing that. I would have had no idea that sort of information was so readily available. And its great to see so many people searching for information on the good Dr.

sweet chart

you posted the exact chart that i was thinking about. it just shows how important getting on these shows are for national polls. they are all about name recognition. most people in nation polls probably have no idea what each candidate stands for, so it's just all about their name. he is really catching on... i don't even need to see all of the mainstream articles and interviews to know it, i can just feel it.

I love ron paul!