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An ironically funny opportunity

This just came across at http://www.prowrestling.com/article/news/9607:

"Mr. Kennedy will be joining Minnesota Vikings center Matt Birk in several public-service announcements to help promote the 2008 Republican National Convention. They are looking for ten thousand volunteers for the convention."

This may sound silly, but have they looked over in Minneapolis? No?

Do we have 10,000 Paulunteers headed for MN?

Seems to me the perfect guerilla tactic to get 10K Paul supporters into the convention and then plaster his name all over the place...

Heck, they're BEGGING for this!

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I see the tables all over downtown Minneapolis asking people ...

... to sign up. But to get 10,000 people to volunteer? I bet they are trying to secretly fish out the Ron Paul people and tell them they have to be in St Paul all day Sept 2 for training (Sept 2 is Ron Paul's big gala)

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