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How Many Of You Hung a Flag(or flags) at Your House This 4th???????

If you did hang a flag.....what would you do for this country that the FLAG that represents??

This Republic of The United (nation)States of America bound together by a Constitution........What would you realistically do to protect her and preserve her?? How far would you go...and when would you do it??

--would you write an email ...
--march in a parade or demonstration.....
-- call congresspeople...(state/Federal)
-- own a gun(even if you don't like guns..)
-- form or participate in a local militia....
-- other ideas????.....




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Every Day

Today I have the Betsy Ross flying over my front porch.

As a vexillomaniac, I fly a flag everyday. I have about a score of them, which I rotate. Generally, I put up the Buckeye Swallowtail (flag of Ohio) every other week, and alternate that with various American Flags (Culpeper, Gadsden, John Paul Jones, Grand Union, Betsy Ross, Bonnie Blue, Stars and Bars, Confederate Cross, and Nifty Fifty.) On various significant dates I'll also hoist the Soviet Banner (for Sputnik, Muttnik, Yuri Gagarin, and Valentina Tereshkova), the Maple Rag (the First of July -- anniversary of Canadian Confederation), Le Pennant Francais (Bastille Day), Bandero de Mexico (9/16 and 5/5), Hawaiian National (8/21), and the Service Flag of the USAF (when I feel like it.) I'm contemplating getting an Israeli flag to fly on the anniversaries of the bombing of the King David Hotel and the attack on the USS Liberty, and also a Nazi flag to commemorate the first successful launch of the V2.

My neighbors still don't know quite where I'm coming from.

Sic Semper Tyrannis!
Professor Bernardo de la Paz
"Letting my freak flag fly."

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West of 89
a novel of another america

As far as I'm concerned, the

As far as I'm concerned, the flag is meaningless. I like the Betsy Ross flag, the Gadsen flag, the Texas Revolution's "Come and Take It" flag, but flags don't amount to a hill of beans; they are false, graven images.

The real symbols of our freedom are the Constitution, particularly the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States

right on

right on

We fly the 13-star

We fly the 13-star flag.

Also remember to fly your state flags, they're important too. A state is not a mere political subdivision, it means something in the federal system.

Fly it upside down

As for what I would do, is what I am doing which is joining my local Militia unit.


Happy Independence Day!

My USA flag, with embroidered stars and labled, Made in USA, flies proudly above my Ron Paul yard sign everyday.

I live in an apartment with

I live in an apartment with a flag pole in front of my window. I always have a view of old glory.

--Cliff, Sioux City, Iowa

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If you fly a flag....

If you fly a flag.... please consider flying it upside down as a universal sign of distress. If there was ever a time to fly it upside down & tell others what that means....... NOW is the time!

Have a safe & enjoyable day

Plegde aliegence to a flag, no, I bow to one king and judge.

Symbols are a form of idolitry and nationalism. I would prefer to have freedom.

Something really cool

Here in St. Goerge, UT our Boy Scouts place a flag on a pole in a hole in the sidewalk or curb in front of your house. On flag day I woke up to see my whole street lined in Stars and Stripes. I am new to St. George so it was a wonderful surprise. I am up early today, so they are not here yet. But I am watching and waiting so I can make a donation.

As to what would I do for it. Die! and kill a select few to prevent any further unnecessary wars.

On this day, lets be thankful we have just enough freedom to take our country back.

I got a flag on my front porch

right next to my Ron Paul for President sign. I intend to leave the RP sign up until after the election in Nov.
The Flag will always be there.

I do not condone violent revolution, but I will never be taken from my home alive if they come for me for my belief in Liberty.

Happy 4th of July.

Problem is....

in this country,

Hanging a Flag=being patriotic

It is unfortunate to use a symbol to tell the world "Look, I love my country cuz I hung a flag out on my porch."

Personally, I find flag waving to be a completely asinine symbol of the sheep in this country.

The flag is an empty

The flag is an empty meaningless symbol. Waving a flag does nothing to promote liberty and freedom. Try burning it in public and see what happens. it is a crime to destroy your own property even though it hurts nobody. That is freedom? Take the money you would waste buying a flag and use it to buy a book like "The 5000 year Leap" and give it to somebody so they can learn the truth.

The Flag

The flag which flies beautifully on our proud flagpole at the front of our ranch is a symbol of our respect for those who created this country. For the many men and women who have given their lives to protect her citizens. For all the good that this country has been, still is in many ways, and can be again with the help of Patriots involved with the Campaign for LIberty.
I was brought up in a family were we always flew her colors as a tribute and consider it a tradition. I learned to properly fold and care for our flag at about age 4. Some traditions are valuable as a sign of respect and honor. It reminds me of who I am, where I've been, and my hope for tomorrow for all of us and our country.