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I can TRY to pick my neighbors

If there is a person out there looking for a liberty-minded area to relocate to, please consider Boise County in Idaho. We are making things happen here in our tiny little corner of the nation, and we need MORE PATRIOTS!
The economy locally crashed in the 70's when the mill closed, but this area is perfect for a micro-economy. The house next door is for sale, 3 BR 2ba with a garage with oil pit, about 1/2 acre - $140K.
If you need a city to make a living, Boise is about 45 minutes away, but over a range of foothills so much of the smog and population stays out of our little valley. The Payette River flows through town where I live, and if you have never tried whitewater rafting, please come let us take you down the river! It is literally why we are here. If you are into it, you have probably either been here or longed to get here, this is mainland "Mecca." The drainages of the Payette have it all, casual canoe trips to 15 miles of non-stop Class 5 and 6 rapids, and everything in between. The Salmon and Snake are world-reknown wilderness adventures, also nearby.There is a ski resort with season passes that cost less than $300, and 2 other resorts that are easily accessible. (And OHH! The sweet, light, powdery snow of the high desert is HERE, baby!)
If you are looking to get self-sufficient, come help us help you! We are INTENSELY private people, so don't worry about getting bothered by us, but we are ready, able and willing to start an off-grid co-op, we have the water. One of our neighbors is as private as we are, but the dozen words we have exchanged in the past year were about self-sufficiency and the need to return to Constitutional values... I don't know who he voted for. Intensely private folks around here, yet friendly - they will smile and wave even at the new folks in town. Even in town, you can have chickens / turkeys, or two cows or horses or goats (no pigs) if you have at least 1/2 acre.
Are you tempted? Let me hook you up with contact information for a local real estate agent who happens to be running for local office as a loud and proud "Ron Paul Republican." Email me at marknclaire (at) juno.com
OK, now picture me putting on my sweater and singing: "Won't you please, won't you please, please won't you be my neighbor?"
Happy Independence Day!

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Isn't US Ecology Corp

located just outside of Boise? How are they doing with that 7,000 tons of depleted uranium shipped from Camp Doha Kuwait? Do you all get much local news coverage on the subject?

There are maps . . .

My brother is a physicist. He brought home a map from the university showing where are all radiation hot spots were in the United States. I will tell you one thing, you never want to live by a garbage dump. He also brought home a giga counter one day and ran around the house looking for radiation. lol