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This is meant as food for thought!

Where the Hell is Matt?(2008) is a delightful wholesome video which is bound to charm you.

It has got me thinking that perhaps we could get some attention if we stage something like it.

I imagine dozens of devoted Ron Paul supporters demonstrated by showing up in the heart of one city after another. But it isn't going to happen. It would be a lot less expensive than traveling to Washington, D.C. as Devvy Kidd has already pointed out. There are demonstations in D.C. all the time which get no attention from the media MSM.

It would help if Ron Paul would schedule a trip around the country to virtually every corner or major regional city and his supporters showed up for a rally with a speech by him.

I am just paranoid enough to be concerned about his safety if the powers that be who are threatened by our intention to put an end to the fractional reserve policy might hire a hit man, not that that would stop the movement, it wouldn't stop it!

Anyway enjoy this delightful wholesome video:



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How about a cardboard, lifesize, Ron Paul?

Have someone take it all over the U.S. and the world and do a video, with, of course, some of the GREAT Ron Paul songs and poems to accompany it! A rally with "Ron Paul" wherever he goes! I am sure that supporters would chip in to feed "Ron Paul's" companions, and provide bed and breakfast AND a ride to the next town or state! A Campaign for Liberty trip!
Wouldn't it be GREAT if this could begin at the DC Freedom March?

This uplifting video

was posted here yesterday. Liberty-Belle came up with the idea of doing something similar to this by putting together clips of USA and International Ron Paul supporters into one video. I thought it was a great idea. It is time to revive the enthusiasm, do something fun and show we are still very much out there in support of Ron Paul. He, himself does not need to be present at the various locations. The call would go out to all major cities or meet-up areas and have supporters gather and video taped, then combine it all into one. It would probably be fairly easy, not too costly and would be a good alternative for the people who are unable to make it to the major events. It could be put on you tube, used by CFL or maybe they would even be interested in sponsoring it. Just another idea. Happy Independence Day everyone. It will happen again; just a matter of time.

You're right.

Great video and DC march could be totally ignored by media or not depending on what's happening. If Obama remains intransigent on FISA, how many supporters will he drive into the DC march? If banks begin dying like flies in the next few days and the Dow drops 50%, if we nuke IRAN and oil goes to $250... if, if, if, then the media might deign to cover our march. Dr. Paul's safety has been a concern for many since his rise on the Internet. If he had gone ignored as the old media attempted to do, no problem for the money manipulators. But his continued traction still worries them. I wonder how many copies of his book they bought up to keep it off the shelves, thereby propelling it to #1, lol.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

See my post above---A CARDBOARD lifesize Ron Paul touring

the world would be a safe and inexpensive way to promote the Campaign for Liberty.

Yes! I had a similar idea! Read this thread!


great minds think alike!

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