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Utilizing Landfills For Fuel

With the cost of gasoline reaching new heights everyday people are searching for alternate fuels.While corn has been pushed by Government channels,it is not very cost effective and waste more energy to make then conventional gas.Also it is a food supply ,which is dumb to burn food for fuel.One overlooked alternative fuel is Methane.Methane is produced as things decompose,Landfills across the Unites States produce huge amounts of Methane every year and for the most part it is burned off as waste product.But it can be refined to be used to power generators to produce electricity and refined even farther to a pipeline gas to be used in gasoline cars and trucks.By converting the cars and trucks to have the ability to burn gases,such as Natural Gas or Propane a car can burn Methane.The relative low cost of conversion of the Landfills and the amount they can produce is a worthwhile effort.And it is a almost unlimited supply of fuel,as long as we have trash we have fuel.

Landfill Gas to Fuel

The method by which methane is recovered
from landfills involves the use of a series
of wells and vacuums that collect the gas.
The methane is then sent to a processing
and treatment facility, which typically
operates on-site at the landfill but can be located
between the landfill and the end user, at a separate
location, or at the site of the end-user. Several functions
exist for gas that has been collected, processed
and treated.
The most common use is by utility companies
that require natural gas or some other fuel to produce
electricity through the operation of engines, turbines
or microturbines. Depending on the type of company,
its electrical needs, and the amount of methane output
from the landfill, the electricity is either used by the
company that produces or purchases it, is made available
for purchase by local industries, or is sold for use
on the local power grid. Another alternative, which
requires further refinement of the gas, is to convert the
methane into a pipeline-quality transportation fuel for
alternative fuel vehicles.13 Burning methane is more
efficient than using natural gas, since LFG has approximately
half the heat content of natural gas and burns at
a lower temperature.



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