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Good Morning it is Independance Day ~ Sturgis Update from Granny

Good Morning it is Independance Day ~

Today is a very special day and one that will be remembered possibly as the last celebration of a Free and Independent Nation as we know it.

This week has been a great one, the most intelligent and active people I have ever met gathered here, every one with a different sphere of knowledge sharing and allowing people like me a glimpse of knowledge which has never been available before. Round table discussions going on into the early morning hours, everyone putting their thoughts and ideas forward, no bickering or egos just learning and teaching. It seems like no one wants to go to bed, it is too interesting to leave for a minute. This will be a week that people will remember for a life time.

Yesterday the Indians were here, I have never seen such joy in children who were dancing and singing, Pure Joy. Freedom to be children and express their lives and their culture. Russell Means spoke for over an hour to standing ovations, the most compelling speech I have ever heard, he is truly a man of MEANS and has lived this life of struggle with corrupt powers for over 60 years.

The kitchen was taken over by Indians making the Buffalo stew and Fry Bread, the smells were pure torture all morning long. People kept coming in and wanting to eat right away, such a good smell. Needless to say I stayed pretty close to the kitchen as I had to keep up the Quality Control dept. You know someone has to keep tasteing the food to assure only the best product for our guests.. I must have gained at least 5 pounds performing this very hard job. But someone had to do it?

Today Poker Face and his band get here and will be performing tonight along with Will to Power and many more speakers, Melinda Pillsbury will be doing her workshop for Coppercards, a new program which you all need to get acquainted with as it is a method to protect each of our rights with local attorneys and advisors for people who are arrested, stopped by traffic offenses and in general guaranteeing assistance to those that are members. This is not the entire sphere of this program but just a small portion of it. Anyone interested email me and I will get you the information on the entire program asap.

This is such a powerful meeting here in Sturgis, I never realized the scope we would be covering or the need for such a meeting of all of these activists. Programs and projects are being formed here which will help us all stay a soverign nation and independent instead of part of the
Global Cabal that we are being sucked into by our own Government.

I will be posting photos later today hopefully if I can master this computer. The sound tracks will be available at a later date so you will all be able to hear these powerful speakers and be as motivated and energized as we are all here.

Please help us pay for this event, I keep begging for money to help with the expenses and keep falling short of our goals which are minimal, Folks I am not asking for money for myself, the money goes for the expense of exactly what it costs to provide a setting and the necessary items to allow this event to happen.

Please go to the website, www.revolution4freedom.com or my website www.grannywarriors.com and send us a few dollars. We are so in debt now without help we will be unable to continue. This is a real need, while each of you cannot be here, you still benefit from the programs and ideas that are coming from this group. People from all over the country will go home with this information and put it to work in their communities which will spread like a huge wave.

Please on this 4th of July help us declare our Independence from this debt. Every dollar will be so appreciated.

Thank you all for your support and I do think of all of you every day and work to continue to fight for our freedoms in the only way I know how and that is bringing people together.

Please go now and send a donation.

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Michael Badnarik will be giving part I of his Constitution Course from 1-4pm at the festival today for only $50.00.

Badnarik is very tight on the Constitution

He has a very solid theory of rights.

I love hearing about

I love hearing about Sturgis..but what is this all about? "Today is a very special day and one that will be remembered possibly as the last celebration of a Free and Independent Nation as we know it." That is ridiculous. There will be MANY more celebrations of liberty. A judge in Oregon made a great celebration for me, just today!

How many people showed up?
Glad you are having a wonderful time. Hope the weather has been good and the joy continues!

Happy 4th Sturgis

Hope you make the speeches available for a price??? Good way to make money to cover your expenses.

hey linda!

Wow i wish i was there...too bad maine is almost all the way across the country!

Thanks for all you are doing for liberty!

I sure hope people are taking videos so for all of us who are not there - and wish they could be there - can see what you're talking about.

hey, can you email us all some stew and fry bread...??? lol!

for liberty,

Ron Paul is My President

beautiful people

bump for Liberty!

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15