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DVDs4Delegates.com needs your donation please!

Believe it or not we are still trying..., Hard core believers in liberty engaged in last ditch effort...

I thought that July Fourth would be a perfect day to make you aware of this.

Ever wonder why Ron Paul appealed to so many? Despite what many might perceive as deal breakers, e.g. his religiosity, his belief that evolution is just a theory, his opposition to a woman's right to choose; he is a staunch advocate of the Constitutional principles of individual liberty, limited government, non interventionist foreign policy and sound currency with one hundred percent reserve banking.

For whatever reason the media painted him as not being a viable candidate. Still many heard his message and found him to be a man of principle who often was the only voice in the entire Congress to vote against a federal program he thought was in violation of the powers granted in the Constitution.

An individual in Alaska, where Ron Paul supporters, many of whom were newly registered Republicans, had managed to choose 48% of the delegates to the nominating convention in Minneapolis, created a video designed to persuade the other delegates to see why Ron Paul was a superior candidate. Evidently it was successful to some extent so that Evan Cutler decided to try the same thing on a national level. He began to organize the www.DVDs4Delegates.com project to create four DVDs to send to all the Republican delegates in the country.

The names and addresses of the delegates are being entered and the first of the four DVDs is being edited and readied for distribution. Funds are needed to complete the other three DVDs in the next few weeks.

The effort is largely accomplished using volunteers. I gathered the names and addresses of the delegates in my state and entered them in the Excel spreadsheet template being used by the Alaska team. But there are costs involved in making the DVDs as professional as possible as well as the costs of packaging and postage.

There is hope that enough of the delegates who are leaders and office holders in the Republican Party are open to listening to reason and would find Ron Paul to be a superior candidate with better knowledge and understanding of Constitutional principles, economics and foreign policy as well as the proven integrity to accomplish what needs to be done to restore our country and the liberties which have been taken from us.

Please consider a donation to this most important cause. These devoted individuals are trying to fight for their freedom and in the process may succeed in saving each of us from the tyranny just ahead. A small donation will enable them to complete the task and you can be partly responsible for their success.


Evan assures us that he spoke with Ron Paul who said that if, "by some miracle," he is offered the nomination, that he would be willing to accept it! It is that ray of hope that causes Evan and the rest of us to go on.