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What key defense-related U.S. industrial capabilities have moved substantially or entirely to China? And other countries?

We constantly hear about the threat of illegal aliens in our country, but what about the threat of actions taken by our own Department of Defense when they purchase military equipment from foreign companies produced abroad?

The Berry Amendment (USC, Title 10, Section 2533a), requires the Department of Defense to give preference in procurement to domestically produced, manufactured, or home grown products, most notably food, clothing, fabrics, and specialty metals. Congress originally passed domestic source restrictions as part of the 1941 Fifth Supplemental DOD Appropriations Act in order to protect the domestic industrial base in the time of war.

According to a report by William C. Greenwalt Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Industrial Policy) Testimony before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission “China’s Proliferation and the Impact of Trade Policy on Defense Industries in the United States and China” July 13, 2007
There are certain commercial microelectronics for which domestic production has largely ceased in favor of foreign production, including production in China.

Personally I am Anti-war, but to see that our taxes are employing foreign companies to produce military goods and services, makes me wonder who the Department of Defense is trying to defend, especially in light of unemployment rates.

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Welcome to the New World Order, with China at the head.

We don't want war with China, they would kick our ass. In fact they are kicking our ass. They have close to a one and a half trillion dollars in reserves, which I need to pay my mortgage, not all of course, but if it doesn't return I can't pay my bills. People here are losing their jobs? Instead trade between the Middle East and China is booming. The United States is being locked out of trade around the world, the U.S. is no longer the mediator for trade and the dollar is soon to lose it position. Wake up folks, spend the money locally, don't buy foreign, and tell the government not to spend overseas either.

Just think if we

went to war with China. How bazaar, I think it would be a quick war. I think they even produce our uniforms. Crazy, crazy, crazy. Peace

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

Glad it's not gold they pay with.

If we spent this money here at home there would be no shortage of dollars on the American markets, instead we have Central banks around the world with dollars held as reserve, money that we need to pay our mortgages with. I can't pay my mortgage with corn or beans, I have to pay with Federal Reserve Dollars and the government should know that if they are spent and hoarded abroad it would, has and will lead to shortages of dollars here in the States. Without dollars we loose our houses. Meanwhile foreign nations gain trade leverage and will come in and buy American homes and companies at a discount, Great thinking gov.