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Objectivism and the State: An Open Letter to Ayn Rand

Just read this . What a tour-de-force letter exposing logical errors in Ayn's views on the State.
It was written by Roy A. Childs Jr.


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Roy Childs

of course was wrong. It is important for those who call themselves libertarians today to understand the history of the libertarian party and its platforms and understand that many of their un-thought out assumptions came from people like Childs.

Of course RP would not agree with Childs. A government is required to protect individual rights.

The problem with the libertarians is that they have no philosophical base. They jump in at the 'philosophical' level of politics and without any supporting doctrine then say 'no one may initiate the use of force' drawn from thin air.

Read Atlas Shrugged. It provides the correct premises for liberty and your right to live unfettered.

We must derive a philosophy from the facts of existence consitant with our nature as rational beings.

No philosophical base? Excuse me,

the base of the whole philosophy is the axiom (self-evident truth) of self-ownership.

From that base, the rest of the philosophy is arrived at by logical deduction.

Mayberry, I'd like to hear your political philosophy enunciated to see if it has a base. What is it?

An interesting dabble

into the world of the terminally esoteric.


And terminally so? What do you mean sir?

Uhhh, I'm pretty sure she's not going to get the message

considering she's been dead for 25 years.
"We will never give up. We will never give in." - Dr. Ron Paul

"We will never give up. We will never give in." - Dr. Ron Paul


It's still, I think, a very powerfully argued letter. I benefited a lot from reading it.

Any Ayn Rand fans here?

Myself, I really like her book "Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal."


Yes, a fan....

Though Objectivsm isn't my thing.

Point is, her writing makes people think. Atlas Shrugged is one of the books that started me onto the path to the RP/liberty movement.