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87 New York Delegates Needed for the Convention

If you reside in New York State and are a Registered Republican, then I urge you to apply to be a delegate at the convention in Minneapolis next September.

There is no better opportunity to ensure that Ron Paul carries our state than by being part of the New York Delegation.

Expenses are not provided - sorry! You have to pay your own way, and I imagine it could be costly. Still, if you have the funds, the desire and the ability, then please sign up. We only need 87 registered Republicans out of all those in New York State!


For those of you in other states, check with the Ron Paul site. Or you may have received an encouraging email, just as I got a few minutes ago.

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Somebody straighten me out on this

My understanding is that the Republican party has winner take all primaries. That means that whoever gets a plurality in the primary for New York gets all the delegate votes for that state. If so, just what does the delegate do, other than act as a human rubber stamp?

I am seriously considering volunteering to be a delegate myself, but only if I can see how it could make a difference.

What I think

The convention will most likely be "open." This means, that no candidate will have a lock on the nomination going in. Even so, there needs to be a vote from the floor, to confirm the nominee.

Since nobody will get the nomination on the first ballot, then it's open and all bets are off. Each delegation from each state can put forward whomever they like best. By having Ron Paul people in each republican delegation from each state, the chances of a Paul victory are enhanced - as opposed to Giuliani supporters, or others.

I think this is right. Not positive, however!

If nothing else, having a Paul supporter in a delegation is better than having no RP supporters!

get some time

keeping it up top



Minnesota Lodging

I'm a member of the Minnesota Meetup, and I'm sure we'd be happy to put up and provide a good amount of transport to true-blue Ron Paul delegates from other states that actually make it to the national convention.
You still need to get here, but we'll try and help defray your costs if you make it!


I live 100 miles out from Minneapolis and am trying to be a MN delegate. I will probably stay with a friend and i think i could beg and plead for one more spot if i make it there.