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1997 or 1998

I noticed I put 1992. My mistake. The year was 1997 or 1998 when Bimbo had Punk shot. In 1999 Bimbo told me the average man suffers from "Little Dick Syndrome". Bimbo the sociopath does use everybody. I believe Bimbo knew if it could get Mouse jealous then Mouse could be sic'd on me and my minor son. Bimbo was correct. The CIA helped distract Mouse and ensured Pushpinder and Fishy enjoyed time alone with each other to try to make me jealous.

Anyway, what does Fishy want? Whores will always need more.

1. It got money by helping to progress the death of other people. (9-11, U.S. soldiers, Iraqi's)
2. It got Pushpinder's love and sympathy. Just what the CIA wanted. Fishy was planted to try to make me jealous. Most important part of the plan. But, only Mouse got jealous.
3. It only needs to kill me and my minor son.

2 out of 3 so far.

As most U.S. citizens know the voting system is a failed system. Who does Fishy want as the next U.S. President and Vice President? Fishy is confused and keeps mood-swinging as dopeheads usually do, but I do believe she loves seeing Oops (Pushpinder) and Hillary (Fishy) together. Fishy does love Pushpinder more than Mouse, but Pushpinder is married.

Contradiction: If Fishy loved Mouse so much, then why did she pretend to be another man's wife at the beginning? I do believe at the beginning Fishy was embarrassed of Mouse. Fishy was planted at my place of employment in an effort to try to make me jealous at the very beginning.

Then Pushpinder came to town. The man I had spent minimal time with, but never slept with. My interest in Pushpinder was most attractive to Fishy, and of course, the CIA wanted Fishy to be with Pushpinder to try to make me jealous which was most important to the plan.

Once Pushpinder arrived in town Fishy wanted the man I had shown some interest in, so, Fishy decided Mouse was needed to try to make Pushpinder jealous and for Pushpinder's sympathy. Fishy told Pushpinder she was married (jealousy) and that Mouse slaps her (sympathy). I don't think Fishy got Pushpinder's jealousy, but did manage to get his sympathy.

It's Just Little Ole Me - Underdog!

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Not good with word play

but this is an interesting read. My concern would not be who the next prez, is my concern would be for you and your minor son. It sounds to me like those in your word play need to grow up and think outside themselves for once. It is not cunning, or even clever to use others. It is selfish. " O what a tangled web we weave when we start to deceive." Those in your post don't have a clue what love is. Makes me glad I don't know what your talking about. I sure would not want to live there. I feel sadness for these characters they are slaves to deception. Peace

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.


If I had to guess,

Mouse puts Pushpinder into Fishy smelling Bimbo.