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Chuck Baldwin interview is now available in the archives section for download.

You can now download the exclusive interview of Chuck Baldwin in our archive section on our website.



Dr. Steve Parent

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regarding preference, Dr. Paul has not indicated that he is really closer to either Barr or Baldwin. He consider them as both friends and would not want to express preference. If say after 4 September Dr. Paul does not have the GOP nomination and no change in platform or any deal can be established, then I think Dr. Paul should not endorse anyone, neither Barr, Baldwin or Nader. I do think it would be a mistake for him to endorse, as the vote would be split in any case and the one that does not get the endorsement, may not feel so good. If he endorses one and say he gets less than 1,1 m votes, some commentators would say the revolution is dead and did not grow. Also, he may loose some privileges and influence within the GOP and if say McCain loses the election which they consider (falsely) say due to Barr, Dr. Paul's prior endorsement of Barr (or Baldwin) would make it more difficult for Dr. Paul to reform the GOP and they may blame Dr. Paul and his endorsement also. He can root for both of them, and perhaps Nader's foreign policy, as he has done already. Also, in his personality and in the libertarian thinking, he would not want to impose his views on others, so he would also not do it. Barr and Baldwin should get their own endorsements.

After the election, I think Paul, Barr and Baldwin should come together and discuss future strategy. Some radicals in the LP do not like Barr's social conservatism - just like Dr. Paul and their pro-life stance as well as the "states rights" issue. Some are really extreme. They say about 70% of Libertarians supported Dr. Paul in the primaries. Maybe Barr and Baldwin (they were together in a radio program in 2005 when Baldwin interviewed Barr about the Patriot Act etc.) with say Howard Phillips - who is a friend of both - , Dr. Paul, Nelson Hultberg etc. and discuss a new third party, consisting of the CP and the pro-life and radical and also more social-conservative wing in the LP to form a new united third party. There will always be anarchists within the LP and some kooky people - although only a few - and better to get a new platform based on Dr. Paul's, with some "conservative Greens" as well, perhaps. This is my idea. Such a new third party will have a new fresh imagine and does not have to struggle with the "fringe image" that elements within CP and LP has. One has to see how things develop.

Very Good Interview - Also

check out his new website: www.baldwin2008.com