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Help Keep Dr. Paul's Book Near the Top!

In order to keep Ron Paul's new book near the top of the booksellers' lists, we can all purchase multiple copies for distribution, gifts,etc. But, something else we can do is to call, visit, or go to the website for our local libraries and request the book. If we are able to check out a book, we'll have one more of our own personal copies that we can loan to family members and friends to read while we use the library's copy. (When you return the book, be sure to recommend it to the librarians!) Then, because of the amount of interest in the book, the libraries will order more to put on their shelves. Also, request the "audio book"!

We can also call our local book sellers and ask if they have the book in stock, what is the price, etc., so that they will perceive a great interest and also stock more of them. At the very least, we will stimulate the curiosity of the clerks and librarians regarding the book!