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Ron Paul Booth

Thanks for the support... see for yourself:


... we're almost there

http://nascarbooth.chipin.com/booth-nascar-texas-motor-speed... half million at Texas Speedway this weekend....

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How about a RON Paul Car!!!

Is it too late to get on a car? We still have a couple races and there is always a racer looking for sponsors! Any Ideas?

Ron Paul is my HERO!!!

"Fire Team for Freedom"
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Hi Texans!

Glad to see the photo's - the booth looks great.

Are you guys still flying the airplane banner this weekend?

LJ in Texas

Half a million people!



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I was about to link the YouTube video they posted this morning, then I notice you already did.

BTW, they needed volenteers today, they got swamped this afternoon with questions. And hopefully sold some car wraps.

If you haven't donated, send in a few bucks. Every little bit helps. This was the ONLY way we were able to have a presents. We can not leave the booth to hand out slim jim's or they might kick the whole booth out. They really did everything they could to keep the booth out. It looks like they may be looking for reasons to kick us out.

But we are telling everyone what they can and can't do at the Texas Motor Speedway so we can have the presents.

I don't know if we were able to get the Liberty Bell there, last I heard they were still working on it.

Hey, where is the car that has been wrapped, I want too see it.