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Celebrity Endorsement for Ron Paul and some other ideas...

#1 - I know it would be rather difficult for celebrities to use their celebrity for Ron Paul unless they had a platform to broadcast it from. Why don't those celebrities who support Ron Paul start making their own YouTube videos? At the very least, I think it would be encouraging for the Ron Paul fans and, who knows, it might catch media attention if enough of them started endorsing him.

I think the same thing goes for musicians. Traditionally, they seem to be more political anyways. Can we try and get backstage at some concerts? Or bring some Ron Paul signs to the concerts and try to get good seating?

Has anyone thought of other ideas? Raising money to take out local radio ads? Get a local billboard for a month?

#2 - Also, another thing I was thinking the other day was that it might strengthen the Ron Paul campaign the closer we get to the primaries if someone published info sheets of some sort for the other candidates online. As we get closer to the election, people's devotion to one candidate or another will probably get stronger. The best thing we can do is to know the facts (well footnoted) of the other campaigns better than their own supporters. We need to know the problems behind those facts, and what Ron Paul will do about it. It won't help anyone out if the Ron Paul fans get the reputation for being equally ignorant as those they try to tell about Ron Paul. We need to show that we are not blind fanboys, but well thought out supporters who can hold our own.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Donna D'Errico former Baywatch Actress

She is a big Ron Paul fan going back at least to July. Check out her Myspace blog. This is one of several of her blog entries that talk about RP. She has also endorsed the Nov 5 money bomb.


Hard to believe but true...I

Hard to believe but true...I read her blog myself....she has gained MUCH respect from me....not some dumb blonde, haha!


I know bruce springsteen is against the war.....hell i wish he endorsed ron paul....a legend that he is.......do you think someone should tell him about the message or ask him if he knew ron paul.....