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Garage Sale For Ron Paul?

One of my fellow co-organizers had a brilliant idea that needs to be heard.

With all the talk about eBaying stuff for the Nov 5th drive, we were talking about the pluses and minuses of using eBay.

For instance, I have stuff I would *like* to sell, but it isn't practical due to shipping costs. He said maybe we should have a garage sale. Ironically, that very night (the night of Leno) we had a Meetup event at a fellow Meetup couple's house. Their house is like 3 blocks from where I grew up. This neighborhood is now entered in the National Register of Historical Places.

What does that have to do with anything? Well, I know from experience that an add in our local paper for a garage sale in this neighborhood will draw VERY large crowds of people looking for "treasures." So, a $25 add in the local paper will draw hundreds of people spending money for the stuff we would have liked to have sold on eBay but couldn't. At the same time, there will be signs and slim-jims and buttons and… Well, you get the idea.

All of our Meetup members have stuff they want to sell, but eBay is time-consuming and the "profits" are nibbled away by eBay and payPal fees. But at a garage sale, it's ALL profit, and can be done in just one weekend.

We truly believe that a LOT of money could be raised this way. In (probably) every Meetup group there is at least one member that lives in a neighborhood that has the potential to draw crowds. My neighborhood isn't but our friends' is. Even if people don't buy anything, they will have at least seen Ron Paul's name, and possibly gotten some information on him.

We are going to have people "purchase" stuff by filling out a donation envelope and we'll mail it in for them. Then, they not only get the cool stuff we sell them, but it's a tax write-off as well! Talk about win-win. If they balk at the idea of this, we'll just collect the money and donate it ourselves in the names of our members that cannot reach the donation maximum.

So, if you are a Meetup member, then please pass this to your groups. If you not a Meetup member, the JOIN Meetup.com and pass it to your group. :-)

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