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Hollywood Writers Strike

I have been reading about the Hollywood writers going out on strike. While I am totally supportive of the writers to strike for better wages etc. It seems like the people they are bargaining with are not concerned and actually are daring them to go out on strike. Why am I posting this here?

How does this affect Ron? Well let's see, who were the people who had Ron on TV before any of the mainstream media would even acknowledge that he was in the race? Maher, Stewart, Colbert! Who has treated Ron with respect instead of like some tin-foil hat wearing loon? Maher (2nd time), Stewart, Colbert & Leno. Who keeps the MSM's (as well as Guiliani, Romney, McCain's) feet to the fire? Maher, Stewart, Colbert & Leno! Which shows will be televising reruns two months before the first primaries virtually guaranteeing that unless you are on the internet (still a minority of the voters) you won't see anything that the MSM doesn't want you to see?

My paranoid meter is blinking red. This is a war folks, the establishment will not go down without a fight. Stop bickering about garbage and realize we all support the good doctor for different reasons. Focus on the things we agree on, not on our differences we need every soldier in this battle. When Ron wins we all win.