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Mike Huckleberry is ahead of Ron Paul for the day.


Time to send is some money. It would be nice if Huck did not beat Paul for a single day this quarter.

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Gomer Huckelberry and his

Gomer Huckelberry and his campaign finally learned how to add up the 20 mail in donations they received.....

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I laugh everytime his name

I laugh everytime his name is echoed. I remember in TombStone when Doc Holiday says, "I'm your HuckleBerry". Huckleberry Hound. Hucka Boo Boo...

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Never underestimate the Stupidity of the American Voter

I'm serious, the Huckster is so doggone CUTE!! What a D-Bag!

It's Dubya all over again. SOOOO compassionate!

Ok, I'll moderate my language here. Add your own explitives.

The point is, people FALL for this crap. They really do! We need to expose this guy!

Look, Ghouliani is a known perverted creep. Your average Republican (and remember, we gotta get thru the Primaries to get to the big show) will CRINGE when they see that Donald kissy thing (think "hail to the chief as RG sashays thru the perfume section)

Two, Mitts well, Mitts a creep. Besides, I have nothing against Mormonism per se, but I don't think it plays in the world of secret voting booths.

That leaves the Huckster (Thompsons DOA).

Tell me where I'm wrong.

Watch out for this cretin.....

Look at the big picture

Compare the total 4Q so far - no fear


His name isn't Huckleberry

It's Gomer.

That's offline contributions

And he can barely keep up.

he justed added hi mail in contributions

just mail in contributions

yeah I mean cmon, huckabee

yeah I mean cmon, huckabee will be proud to raise 1 million. Paul will be getting like 3 million in one day.

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looks to me

like he just reported his offline earnings from last month. :-P

Not too concerned

I imagine that giving to Ron Paul will be low for the next couple days leading up to November 5th. At this point, we will leave most of the other campaigns in the dust in contributions for the quarter. I wouldn't blame anyone if they held off their giving until Monday.

Let Huckabee enjoy his brief moment in the sun. :-)


As much as were trying to help the campaign, this is a chance to light a fire in the media. The bigger the explosion...the more attention we're going to get! Put it all in on the 5th.

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