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A small victory for freedom

I am 19 years old and this will be the first Presidential election I will vote in. I am proud to say that my 71 year old grandfather, who is the quintessential American (came out of poverty to provide an exceptionally prosperous life for his family through hard work and honesty) has recently registered to vote for the first time in his life, just so he can vote for RP. I am also proud to say that my 44 year old uncle has also registered for the first time to vote for RP. When I think about it, it almost brings a tear to my eye. Three generations, the elder two were so disillusioned about their own country's government, that they had never even participated in their civic duty of voting, and the youngest just now claiming his birthright of a political voice in the form of voting. Never before in the history of this great land has a presidential candidate had this kind of effect, because never in our history has a candidate offered this message of true freedom and REAL change. When the polls open, 3 men who have never voted will vote, a 19 year old, a 44 year old, and a 71 year old, and all three will vote for Ron Paul. When you see things like this, it can't help but make you think that there really is hope for America.

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Thanks so much.....

for all the support. That's not a bad idea at all, I'll definitely give a call to our local news paper and tv news stations. I'll send an email to HQ also, with a link to the post. It would be great to get a photo of all of us with Dr. Paul. My uncle and I will be at the Philadelphia rally. I'll try to persuade my pap to come along too, but I doubt it, he's a furnace repairman, and this time of year he usually can't take a day off. I will definitely get back to you guys if anything happens with HQ or my local news. Thanks again


Yeah, that is way cool. I am 48 and my daughter is 18 - we are both voting for Dr. Paul. Even my wife, who is a naturalized citizen, is feed up. I think she may vote for Dr. Paul too.

Bump =)

And I agree with Conza....but I'd Email it to the official HQ's. Maybe when they come to your state THEN it could be on the news....the 3 of you standing alongside Dr. Paul.....=)

And I just thought of another thing....

LAcole had mentioned something once about how the "young" get alot of mention from HQ's....which is fine...but here is a perfect op. to show that "young, old, and the middle too" support Dr. Paul. He unites us ALL....

This is too good of PR to let go....Run with it man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hehe. [Bump also btw - trying to bumb down a BS post, which the trolls [masquerading - are trying to keep up] antboy, whether you are well intentioned or not. You are NOT helping, keeping that post alive. Romney having a 6 mil day (11months old) and REPOSTING this 10hrs BEFORE our 5th of November.. is so not helpful, its quite unbelievable. You defending it - is pretty pretty pretty hard to justify. It's a morale killer; and what Ron Paul supporter wants to kill their own teams morale? - you're a troll, and if not - you are acting like one.

Sorry but...

This needs news coverage.. as its truly worthy. I can particularly see the local media, doing an easy, easy spot about this. So you should contact them, if you aren't shy, or don't want to be filmed / put out in the public. Even just a news story about it, would be epic. Especially carrying that story line!!

Great post, great revelations. Thank you!

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Thank you for that beautiful story.

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Many small victories....

equal a big victory. Many of us haven't voted in many years, so can appreciate your message......welcome aboard.

I haven't voted in 15 years, but I am this time. Can anyone guess who I'm voting for? Hint: Stephanopolous says he can't win.

Bob W., Naples, FL

Great story and I love the subject line!

I'm a new citizen, this will be my first time voting in a Presidential election and I'm SO glad there is a Ron Paul to vote for! His candidacy caused me to study the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence, I know, I should have done that anyway, but all I 'had' to study was 100 civics questions for the naturalization interview and I didn't think to look into reading the Constitution. I know of at least one other new citizen just like me voting for the first time and voting for Ron Paul. I will regretfully admit that there was a time when I supported (in thought) Bush and the war (I listened to too much talk radio) - I was duped - but, I'll never be fooled again, I've learned my lesson.

I'm proud to be an American! I'm proud to be amongst all of you Ron Paul supporters and some day soon I'll be saying I'm proud that I voted for Ron Paul!

By the way, I can't stop studying, I'm studying US History from beginning till now and I'm reading books like 'A Nation of Sheep' -- I just can't get enough and I'm trying my best to convince other people to do the same.

Good job 'mrbreeze1787' - thank you for sharing your story!

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Find information on your State - vote for Ron Paul and become a Delegate and or Precinct Chair!

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Something that will give you a better perspective on US history

Its long (3.5 hours) but well worth the watch. I would recommend viewing the two part version as sometimes the full length version doesn't load all the way.

Thank you ((Smile)) I have watched many of those

stayed up late every night - into the wee hours of the morning most nights watching and reading since following this campaign.

I've read more in the last six months than I have in 10 years. Got to love the Internet!

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Find information on your State - vote for Ron Paul and become a Delegate and or Precinct Chair!

Do you KNOW how to become a Delegate for Ron Paul? -- Do it!

It is this sort of

It is this sort of enthusiasm that gives me hope for America's future. Regardless of who is our next President, there is a big change happening in this country. Young people are getting involved like they haven't in a long time. Even in the '60s, during the so-called youth movement, they viewed the system as the enemy. They didn't participate.

You have to play the game to win it. Heckling from the sidelines might influence the players, but the game is still theirs to win or lose. These young people who are tuning in to the message of liberty and freedom and the Constitution, they are the future of America. These are the political views that will be running the show in 25 years.

Those currently in power are not blind, they see the change coming, and they will have to make a choice soon: try to destroy your enthusiasm before you take over, or accept the inevitable and start sucking up to you before it's too late.


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Great post

I'm so glad you did this post. This is what true America is all about!

Thats a news story

About the 71year old voting for the first time, and because of Ron Paul.

Send out a News spot on it


I was truly moved by your story. You have a fantastic family. And there's truly hope for America if there are more like you... Ron Paul for the win!


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