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FISA (FAA) Vote Tue. July 8: What Time?

The vote will go before the Senate Tuesday, July 8th, regarding telecom immunity and the FISA Amendment Act (FAA).

Does anyone know when? Is there a set time? The c-span site says the Senate will be in session 7/8/08, but the schedule is "TBD." I would think there might be some more definitive information given this major bill that's being voted on...

Also, any info on whether this vote will be live on c-span TV or radio or web or all of those or ?? would be helpful.

We also need to keep track of who voted how on each portion of this bill. Here's a reference for you re: the various portions of the bill.

This video, by the way, is a valuable investment of 18 minutes of your time. The man who is responsible for the Pentagon Papers (and essentially the Watergate discovery) speaks out strongly against this current FISA bill, and asserts that senators who vote for this bill are violating their oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution.