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Ron Paul on Cooper 360 tonight

Ron Paul will be on Anderson Cooper 360 tonight. The show starts at 9pm central. I saw 2 clips from the interview and it appears to be a great one to watch. Please keep this bumped so that all will see.

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if anyone finds a vid link...

please post it here...

I caught the interview

...and thought it was very good. I like Soledad O'Brien. She was respectful even when asking frank questions and Dr. Paul answered candidly. it would not be a good interview, in my opinion, if he were not asked pointed questions. His response to every one of the queries -- including whether he would vote for someone else if he were not in the race, or at what point he would consider pulling out if his percentages were not as hoped -- was a winner's response. He emphasized his increasing supporters and described his positions of strength compared to the "flakey" policies currently in place (in answer to her quote of his being called "Flakey".) He was unshaken. He was confident. He was pleasant and cordial. Dr. Paul can handle a pointed interview. And I appreciate Soledad for her graciously delivered forthright questions.

I wrote a letter to CNN to Soledad O'Brien, thanking her for the interview.

Gwen Kraft

Gwen Kraft

"Personal Liberty & Personal Responsibility" -- Dr. Ron Paul

"A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom." -- Bob Dylan

Noticed one CNN slant against Dr. Paul

When they asked him about Iran's nuclear capability they showed a medium range ballistic missile being towed on the split screen. A subtle refudiation of the Doctor's message.

Yep - couldn't miss it

Yet they'll push people towards Democrat Candidates who are ''supposedly against the war"

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Find information on your State - vote for Ron Paul and become a Delegate and or Precinct Chair!

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Who will you vote for when you drop out?

ARGH! I hate the media SO much.

I'm telling you (but not something you don't already know) anyone watching that who has a brain can figure out how wrong 9u11ani is after Ron Paul sets the record straight (again) and reminds everyone it was the 911 commission report that said why we were attacked!
If someone watches that and is swayed by the media and 9u11ani then they deserve a messed up country. -- OK, rant over :)


Ron Paul was in top form! He just scored himself a few more thousand supporters, funny how these interviewers think they're squashing him, but every time they try they just drum up more support and make those who already are supporting even more fervent!

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Find information on your State - vote for Ron Paul and become a Delegate and or Precinct Chair!

Do you KNOW how to become a Delegate for Ron Paul? -- Do it!

So what happens when....

...Ron Paul starts winning primaries? (yes, that's MY opinion he will)

Is that going to make the media and these polls they continually trumpet INVALID?

When are people going to finally wake up to the fact that they are being scammed?



Her question about him being flaky

I actually think it was a good question. Lot's of people say it.
Although I think the question itself is crazy, it gave the good DR. a chance to respond to what flaky or crazy really is.

Once people stop listening to the media and the "Crazy" people, they realize that this is an intelligent, kind, and responsible person.

Someone that believes in our country, constitution and freedom.

I was watching C-Span just before this and they had 11 or 12 people in a republican question answer thingy. The qualifications must have been, "Have you heard of Giuliani, Thompson, Romney or Mccain".

It was funny because they all talked about their religion and what effect it would have on who they voted for and if it would have an effect.
I mean if all these people are as christian as they say they are, they should ask, "who would Jesus vote for?" I don't think it would be any of them!

Flaky, that's me after a few beers :-)



He was a good as it gets on this interview. I loved when the interviewer says: "Let's say you're the President......"

By all means, let's say he's the President! All of his voters will definitely say that on election day.

Bob W., Naples, FL

Bump for the hope that

Bump for the hope that someone will post a clip for those of us without cnn... :)

When does Dr. Paul air?

The repeat of the show started 15 minutes ago. Unfortunately I missed the first 15 minutes. When does Dr. Paul appear in the show?

*edit - Actually this may not be a repeat. Regardless, has Dr. Pau come on yet?

dang i missed it... Sounds

dang i missed it... Sounds like the good Dr. did good though, no surprise there. Surely someone will YouTube it, right?

Ron Paul supporter from Huntsville, Alabama DEO VINDICE

Ron Paul supporter from Huntsville, Alabama DEO VINDICE

flaky :-)

That was GREAT!
She said the news (articles on the internet) call him flaky. And he says the campaign is growing because people think what is happening in washington right now is "FLAKY"!

I love Ron Paul!

I pray every night he wins.

John in Michigan

this lady giving the

this lady giving the interview seemed to try to get the message that "ron paul is losing horribly in the polls" more than she actually tried to give an interview. when they showed the clip of paul and giuliani they edited out the part after ron paul speaking where people cheered and only played the cheers after giuliani. we need to get ron pauls name out there, november the 5th will help the campaign but the media is on their toes with all the talk of this day but its not a sure thing that they will cover nov. 5th even if it is a huge success.

polls are wrong

I think he did a good job of saying something like "I think you'll find those polls are wrong"


yeah, to bad we couldnt get

yeah, to bad we couldnt get her reaction when he said that. her paid smile must have disappeared almost immediately.


Knocked it right out of the park!!!!

Here is a contact link to

Here is a contact link to give them feedback/ a thank you:


Pretty Good

Ron Paul was great as usual, stating his positions. I just wish the interviewers would stop with the 1% poll numbers crap and stop asking him who he will vote for when he loses.

Flakey ?

Its hard to believe that the constitution has become so "radical" .I think people really find the idea of getting rid of the CIA and some of these other agencies scary but they are responsible for some of the worst problems we're facing as a country today

ive read a lot of articles

ive read a lot of articles both good and bad and dont remember reading "flakey" once. other things like "idiot" or "hopeless" yeah but from neocon related sites.


echo chamber anyone?
maybe CNN was the 'news source' that said he was flaky?

Spectacular comeback..

when the host brought up that some people consider him a "flake" due to his monetary policies/beliefs.

He turned it around perfectly.



I gotta give it to Dr. Paul

He thinks very fast on his feet, he tai chi'd that mo'fo' and called the FED and Washington Flakey.

Soledad was very negative, citing the polls a number of times for the reason why he won't win.

yeah she was... i wonder how

yeah she was... i wonder how many people the media thinks theyre influencing about paul on the news. and those facial expressions she made after she asked a question sometimes were just clear what her objective of the interview was. the best was after she brought up the verbal jabbing paul and giuliani had and when he answered her about why they attacked she completely retracted back into her chair. . . looked almost lost for a second. that was nice to see. it was like she didnt expect him to say that or something.


The man's on fire...

-The American people think Washington is "flaky"

- kipload

- kipload

Dr Paul

Dr. Paul is a good interview.

A very good interview.

"Freedom Is A Road Seldom Traveled By The Multitude." - Frederick Douglass

Opening comment right on target

The program just started here with a teaser clip on Ron Paul saying the propaganda now about Iran reminds him of the lead-up to invading Iraq. Then to other topics e.g. tropical storm Noel approaching with threats of beach erosion as far north as Long Island, flooding in Mexico, coming back to Dr. Paul later.

Another tease just came on describing Dr. Paul as "a political underdog with an impressive following" -- time to sign off and watch!


should be on soon, they lead with a teaser of it

Clip on CNN site is great

One of the best RP interview so far!