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Donation to the "Ron Paul" GOP

About a month ago, I stated that anyone wanting to donate to the GOP was encouraged to mail a check of any size to the Boise County Republican Central Committee. 4 of the 6 PCPs (making both a simple and 2/3 majority) are Ron Paul Republicans, they hold the Chair, Vice Chair, and secretary positions. The treasurer's job is held by a party-faithful. I hoped he would get some check that would need explained, and I would happily oblige.
THANK YOU NEVADA DONOR. We had our meeting last night. The treasurer's report came in: $100 that a former PCP donated as her parting gift was still there, $100 from a local candidate who promised to donate a portion of his leftover campaign funds, and a check from "a Ron Paul supporter in Nevada." The look when on his face as he reported that was indeed, priceless. I am so sorry I do not have a photo to share with you!
Oh, and the other non-RP supporting PCP resigned last night. It is now 4 of 5, and the remaining 5 get to pick the replacement... I wonder what type of person they might choose? Stay tuned...
We marched on July 4 with a sign that said "Liberate our Currency - END THE FED" wearing shirts that identified us as the BCRCC. One of our members approached the adjoining float-load of Democrats sporting anti-war slogans, told them we really needed to work together to end the war. The stunned look remained on their faces throughout the parade.
If anyone else would like to help our little Central Committee (we have 2 Ron Paul delegates to send to national, too!) please send a check of any size you can to BCRCC 115 Ranft Rd, Placerville, ID 83666
Anyone looking for a good place to retreat to, look us up. RP folks also control our Region and have a very real presence on the State Central Committee. (All of you who have listened to me piss and moan over the past several months, take heart. The neocons are finally within earshot... and they are getting an earful. Just imagine, I LIKE you guys...)

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we need a map of the united states that shows what states have

been converted to RON PAUL REPUBLICANS..in charge of the state /county/or local GOP....I mean there is a war going on to retake the GOP nationwide...we need to be able to keep track of where we are winning and not winning yet....

anyone know of any software on the net that can do this?(kinda like the aol map from the poll)

excellent! WTG Idaho!

We're working on Oregon too. Slow and steady; a lot of the difficulty is simply being unknown, so make sure to get all the newbies into the light rubbing elbows with the GOP base. You gotta shoot if you're gonna score....

Join the Team! campaignforliberty.com

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

AWESOME!! That made me laugh!! My local GOP is on the run

here too in Spokane! Will see about posting something on it real soon!

Got Hope?? Click Here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01kcqKd2Tag
Historic moment at WA State Convention at minute 4 here!!
Convert a delegate here! www.dvds4delegates.com

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Paul4won, I am glad to see you on here!

The new email address you sent did not work! So send me an email to my regular email address so I can get you back in my address book! And------keep up the good work!!!
Don't you think you need some Ron Paul Revolution Cola for your next Fed-free gathering? Check this out! http://www.dailypaul.com/node/54262


Corrected information sent - I also had sent conflicting dates. These things are sure to help attendance... Oh well - we have to start somewhere!
Thanks for the idea about the Jones soda. I will have to check for it next time I am in town.
And as always - thanks for your encouragement!

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

The Ron Paul Revolution cola

can only be purchased online! I ordered 48 bottles, which came to $115 which included shipping-----BUT It has a really good picture of Ron Paul on the bottle! Priceless!