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To be Ron Paul R3VOLutionary, What MUST you believe?

Tell me your opinion what a RP Revolutionary MUST believe in.

First, let me submit to you, that a Ron Paul Revolutionary DOES NOT have to believe the following to "be" a RP Revolutionary....

1) Believe that the 9/11 Truther movement is true or that 9/11 "was an inside False Flag job"
2) That UFO's exist, that Chemtrails are real, JFK was killed by CIA.
3) The New World Order is a secret plan for World Govt
4) The Bilderbergers are making the New World Order plan happen
5) That the Twin Towers & WTC 7 fell by demolition
6) That the NAU is a real Conspiracy foisted upon us by Elites
7) That Aliens exist and have visited Earth
8) That God exists
9) That the Devil exists
10) That illegal immigrants are criminals that deserve to be shot


I submit to you, that a Ron Paul R3VOLutionary MUST BELIEVE that...

1) America would be better off with a Smaller Federal & State Government that stayed out of our personal and economic lives and stopped trying to mirco-manage and regulate us.
2) America would be better off without an Income Tax or Sales tax.
3) America would be better off without a Federal Reserve Banking Cartel
4) America would be better off if our Congress followed the Constitution to the letter and Respect everyone's right to Life, Liberty & Property as our fundamental human individual rights.
5) America would be better off if we allowed Charities to spring up and take over most of the functions of the Welfare Nanny State.
6) America would be better off if we allowed the States to have their All-Volunteer private Militias.
7) America would be better off if we disbanded the CIA, returning its functions to the State Department, & we disbanded the Departments of Education, of Energy, of FDA, of Home Land Security, of NSA, ..etc.
8) America would be better off without tax monies going to fund corporate or personal welfare schemes, foriegn aid to friendly or unfriendly countries, or put to use for any other function than having Police, Courts, and Defense.
9) America would be better off if it had no tax payer paid for Standing Army of any kind.
10) America would be better off if it defended this country and this country only.

Please post up your list of what a Patriot should believe to BE a Ron Paul Patriot.

In Peace & Liberty,

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Two things I disagree with

Two things I disagree with in your list: I DO believe we need an army, but downsize it considerably.

And I DO think we need some sort of welfare system. Obviously ALOT smaller than what we have now (crooks, etc)...but we cannot leave the poor and defenseless to die in the streets. If you are content with the government not providing SOME sort of aid to the homeless, sick, or elderly, then what is the point of having a government at all? Are we not men? Do we not have hearts?

Thats my two cents.

I agree with your first point but your second is way off

The point of the government is to defend the liberties of her people and that is it. It is individual people's responsibility to use their own minds to figure out the problems we face as a nation and to decide who to help and how best to help them. The government is far too unwieldy to properly understand the needs of the people and when it gives out aid, it does it in such a blanket fashion that economically the poor don't actually gain because the goods they buy rises as the poor sudden gain the ability to buy.

The fallacy in your argument is that without government to redistribute people's money, that no one will care for the poor. The reason more people don't step up to take care of their economically weaker brother is because the idea has set in that the government takes care of the poor. If special interest groups and welfare advocates spent half as much time trying to help the poor to educate themselves, help them to find jobs, and to educate people on the importance of taking care of the poor; then American poverty would be almost nonexistent.

Instead they spend all their time trying to get legislation passed, circumnavigating people's choice as to what they spend their money on, and raising billions of dollars to further their fight (forgetting about the poor on the way.)

Of course we are men, and of course we have hearts, that's why we are fighting for people's rights. Because the truth of the matter is, that if I stole someone's money to provide for someone in need, I would be thrown in jail but when the government does it, we call it welfare.

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Nice post Treg

I don't think the NAU and NWO are secret or conspiracies, they are just the natural outcome of having a global elite (which we do have) which is steadily centralizing and centralizing power all the time.

Neocons are basically trotskyites - it IS all about internationalism. It is exactly 'from each according to his ability (USA) to each according to his needs (Third World)'. People I know have actually said this to me! They think we have so much, it's unfair to say no to poorer people. They forget charity doesn't help long term but aside from that, how about private property is mine to distribute not the feddle gummint's?

Also, illegal immigrants *are* criminals, maybe not a serious kind of criminal but they are. Ignoring illegal immigration is a sign of the decline and fall imo.

And noone deserves to be shot except murderers and child molesters.

"The first thing a man will do for his ideals is lie"
-Joseph A. Schumpeter

"What does conservatism today stand for? It stands for war. It stands for power. It stands for spying, jailing without trial, torture, counterfeiting without limit, and lying from morning to night."

Lew Rockwell

Yes Annie Gun...

The NAU and NWO order are directions, political directions that those with influence can move the country.... but unlike others here, I do not chalk that fact up to a "secret conspiracy". So what do I chalk it up too? Two things,
(#1) watered down socialist Ideology accepted as "highly educated common sense"
(#2) plain old self interested social competition for praise, esteem, and the feeling of "doing good". They just never stop to consider, is this really doing good?

The circles that I have traveled in while doing land sales in the millions and millions of dollar range, tells me this is exactly the case.

Those who are "honored to speak" at a CFR conference, do so to build up #2 above, and since they seek social acceptance, the advocate ideas from #1 above.

There is no more a "Secret Conspiracy" than there is here on the Dailypaul. We here are interested in #1) of the libertarian brand and we get our strokes like everyone else, see #2) above.

Now why would we find at top places like the UN, the WTO, CFR, and so forth such a closely held theme in ideas? The reason is ideology. The ideology of Collectivism has not been thoroughly damaged, destroyed, and disregarded. It has been damaged though. The war of ideas as Dr Paul says, is where the real battle rages.

NeoCon Elites, such as Francis Fukuyama who now disagrees, fundamentally, with the likes of Charles Krauthammer among others, is a real break through.... even though it is rare. The intellectual battle is the real battle, the real nuts and bolts of what makes the human world move. We have seen this recently demonstrated by the ascendancy of NeoCon intellectuals into positions of power and influence. We have seen it happen decades ago when everyone was an economic "Keynesian economist" who ushered in the socialist policies from the 30's onwards until it was broken in the 1980's by the Chicago Monetarist School of thought.....and then later surpassed in the late 1990's with the NewKeynesian's school of thought. Foreign Policy also has its schools of thought, and the one that predominates has done so for a long time now, as Dr. Paul says, since Woodrow Wilson. So, to get back to my original point, those Elites, who go to elite schools, get taught the "generally accepted" ideas that "everybody knows to be true", and so they make their careers and their papers and their livelihoods all based upon this in a self sustaining manner; and so change does not come easy. How would you like to be one of the thousands of highly paid and dug in "Top dignitaries" whose livelihood would come to an end the minute a RON PAUL NON-interventionist Foreign Policy came in Vogue? You would not be an expert in that would you? You would not be the one who wrote the hottest paper on "HOW BETTER TO PROTECT THE USA with 17 USA military bases" that "everyone" is talking about at elite functions.

Speaking of Elite Functions.... YOU could have been an Elitist and attended our own function to advance the cause of liberty at www.freedomfest.com So where were you? I meet a young lady who was working with the IMF and UN and the government of Peru to implement, get this, hold on to your seats.... PROPERTY RIGHTS for the poor Peruvians... check her out, she is brilliant and awesome and she never heard about Ron Paul. http://www.prosperityunbound.com/blog/?p=5

And what ideas have gotten to her and others like her? Why the ideas of this man, this Hernando De Soto the Economist Elitist who starred in a PBS program ......

So there, you see, that is how Elite Conspiracies "work"...as in they do not...its all (#1) ideology drive and (#2) personal self interest driven. The ideas of the European Union driven by influential French and German elites made it happen. The default arguments failed. Same could happen here if we do not fight the good fight, the real intellectual battles high up the food chain. If Americans do not have INTELLECTUAL bullets in our Mental Guns that shoot down the ideas of a NWO or NAU, then thousands of people will slowly move this country in the direction they think it should go... they win by default. But for us to see a Conspiracy behind every bush as an "explanation" means we are shooting blanks: it explains nothing and worse; it advances nothing.

In Peace & Liberty,

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I would say that you

believe in yourself first and then you will realize what is wrong or what is
If all Americans did this then there would be no such thing as a Nanny state.

"Freedom is a right that can never be won in war,only by each individual "

Actually Treg you useless piece of shill.

Ron Paul has mentioned the NAU and NWO as real dipshit. He would like a new investigation of 9/11. He dosen't claim you have to be anything to be a supporter. But when people like you are here spreading dissent then I am most certain that Ron Paul wouldn't consider that a good quality and deem you a trolll without principle against constitutional freedoms.

Find out if you have a local militia - http://www.uaff.us/

Real Patriots for 9/11 truth -- http://patriotsquestion911.com/

You forgot to add

NeoCon in with the shill, it's rather bland without that one. I got your back oruval, I see right thru these assholes.

Sticks and Stones....

Come on Oruval, "useless piece of shill" and "real dipshit" and "spreading dissent"????

Has my opinions hurt your feelings that much? Wow! I know one thing, I never go name calling like you have here. Why should I listen to you after that? Talk about "spreading dissent"! lol.

Look, I voted for Ed Clark in 1980, Burgland in 1984, and Ron Paul in 1988...and so I suspect you are a young man who is new to the battle for Liberty and have come to believe that battle is tied to the 9/11 Truther cause, which it is not.....so have a nice day.

In Peace & Liberty,

PS...."and deem you a trolll without principle against constitutional freedoms" -- Ron Paul and I have met a least a dozen times and I have never heard him use the word "trolll" or deem me anything other then a "fellow libertarian".

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yes, you are talking about all the RP supporters have in common, 911 "turthers like oruval and non-911 trurthers (like me) alike. Oruval, I am also for more investigation into 911 to address the issue of ineptness.

Well, while your religion or not is not directly a qualification, I would not say iit has no value either. Paul mentions the just-war theory of Christianity and along with the constitution, this is the main reason why he is against the Iraq war.

The Constitution

as the Founder's intended it to be construed


Construed? Why dont you say what's really on your mind. Why dont you say manipulated to suit the agendas of your masters. Someday, and there will be a someday, there wont be enough trees.


I'm not sure I think that list is far too restrictive. Like an intelligent anarchist could see Ron Paul as a means to an end and be a Ron Paul Revolutionary.

I don't agree with the idea of having no standing army. I support State volunteer militias and I wouldn't have a problem with the States controlling their own armies but we would part ourselves at a great risk by not having a standing army.

Also, although I am personally against the Sales tax or Income tax, it wouldn't be crazy for a Ron Paul revolutionary to not have a problem with them.

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I have given the issue of

I have given the issue of the Constitutional prohibition of a standing army some thought and have come to the conclusion that it was intended for the states to maintain their militia's not solely for their usefulness in local or regional concerns, but for the the nation to be able to draw upon them and organize them in the event of the need for a greater National Defense. In this way we would have a vast army of trained and equipped individuals ready at all times to muster arms and go to the defense of the country. A standing army of mercenary soldiers who contribute nothing to the economy, but rather, are a drain upon it is in part what the founders sought to avoid.

Things are only impossible until they are not.
-- Jean Luc Picard

Things are only impossible until they are not.
-- Jean Luc Picard

Thanks for taking the time

Can you compile a 1--100 list?

Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820