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Can you donate copies of "The Revolution?"

There are several (6 delegates, 6 alternates) uncommitted delegates from our state, I would like to get a copy into the hands of every one of them.
(The State Chairman assured me he would read the copy I gave him, and I believe him.)
If you can send a copy or two or twelve, please send them to 113 Quinn St, HSB, ID 83629 I will hand deliver them wiht this "theme" to the conversation: "I hope you will take the time to read this and seek anything that you agree with. From the smallest patch of common ground, we can find a way to work together. As members of the delegation, it is important that we understand each other. Do you have a book that you would like me to read to help me understand your positions?"
If you like this idea, please send a book or two. My husband and I are delegates and just getting there is going to be tight. This is something we intended to do out of our own pocket, until he lost his job...

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