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~When You Learn About This You Will Come To 9/11 Truth~


These suspicious events led to allegations that the bombings were in fact a "false flag" attack perpetrated by the FSB in order to legitimize the resumption of military activities in Chechnya and bring Vladimir Putin and the FSB to power, as described in books by David Satter,[3][4] Yuri Felshtinsky and Vladimir Pribylovsky,[1] and by Alexander Litvinenko and Anna Politkovskaya, who were both assassinated.[5] Russian Parliament member Yuri Shchekochikhin filed two motions for a parliamentary investigation of the events, but the motions were rejected by the Russian State Duma in March 2000. An independent[6] public commission to investigate the bombings chaired by Duma deputy Sergei Kovalev was hampered by government refusal to respond to its inquiries,[7] and its chairmen admitted that he has no evidence to support any version of the events.[8][9] Two key members of the Kovalev Commission, Sergei Yushenkov and Yuri Shchekochikhin, both Duma members, have since died in apparent assassinations. The Commission's lawyer, Mikhail Trepashkin, was arrested and jailed.

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Interesting... very interesting...

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why would anyone need this

I just had to watch the buildings fall in a few seconds to know that it was an inside job . I'm an architectural engineer / contractor and when I saw it that day I said to my wife at the time.That just doesn't happen ! It's impossible !

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