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Dr. Thomas E. Woods new book is now released. 2 books endorsed by Ron Paul and speaker at the March July 12

Dr. Wood's and Dr. Gutzman's new book is released today July 8 2008

www.whokilledtheconstitution.com is the site for the book and many other books by Dr. Woods and Dr. Gutzman

You want MSM (Main Stream Media) attention for the freedom message? This is how we will get it!

Dr. Thomas E. Woods Jr. is a NY Times best selling author with 2 books personally endorsed by Dr. Ron Paul. Thomas Woods also works for the Mises Institute and has an office right next to Lew Rockwell of Lewrockwell.com

Dr. Thomas E. Woods Jr. has a weekly radio show on www.RevolutionBroadcasting.com and is working to spread information and fact of the truth that is really going on around us and we must help him.

Dr. Woods will be a guest speaker at The www.RevolutionMarch.com on DC July 12 with Dr. Ron Paul! Dr. Woods will also be doing a book signing for those that have his book at the march so order it now.

Our goal is to get Dr. Woods book in the top 10 NY Times and Amazon best seller lists and if we make this happen this will get us MSM attention that this movement is in lack of and will assure others will hear and read the truth about why we are losing our Freedoms and Liberties!

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The book is moving up buy

The book is moving up buy your copy now get Dr. Woods in the top 10


Dr. Steve Parent

i'm reading it now :)

I bought Who Killed the Constitution yesterday and I'm four chapters in.

This is a great history lesson for everyone. Each chapter deals with a different incidence in American history post WWI where our Constitution was eroded by a branch of federal government. And these precedents are carrying forward to this day!

I'm stoked to finish reading it...and see Mr. Woods on Saturday night in D.C. at the book signing!

Holiday Inn
6th & C St.
Washington, D.C.
6 - 9PM July 12

...and, of course, beforehand at the Revolution March!
Saturday, July 12th
Washington, D.C.
assemble for march @ Washington Monument 9:30AM
march to west lawn of Capitol Hill 11AM
rally...speakers...music 11:30ish - 5PM

Be there! (and bring water, heat will be intense!)


bump for The Constitution

Ray Powell

Ray Powell
Founder, Hacking For Change
Head Geek, Startbutton.com

continual spamming? sponsor?

is this guy a paid sponsor of dailypaul? why does he get to continually spam/advertise here? is there an ignore member option on this board?

You don't think a new book

You don't think a new book called who killed the constitution by a NY Times best selling author that has 2 books endorsed by Dr. Paul is important to post?





Dr. Steve Parent

Great deal, you can purchase

Great deal, you can purchase this book with The Revolution A Manifesto for $29.73 and get Free shipping.