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Look at that FACE! LOL (Ben Bernanke)

Oh, man, normally I wouldn't laugh at our disasterous situation but sometimes you have to chuckle. Check out Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke's picture from the Telegraph UK. Looks like he is really getting drug through it... I bet he wishes he had stayed at the Princeton economics dept.

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Yeah, He

doesn't look so good. He could be the national traitor poster boy. Guilt has a funny way of overtaking you at some point. If that's not a face of misery I dont know what is. Greenspan was just a little smarter than his scape goat, wouldn't ya say?

Well, I actually think he was

just in the wrong place at the wrong time, kinda like this economic assistant. The Keynsian economic model is like playing hot potato once it nears the end of its life-cycle. Greenspan got away before the larger bubble started straining as it is now.