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'Science fiction like' weapons on tap for political conventions

The political parties are arming themselves, in preparation for their respective conventions.

Congress has approved $100 million to pay for security expenses at this summer's presidential nominating conventions, with $50 million dedicated to each party.

CNN's Ed Lavendera reports that Denver and St. Paul officials have said that the types of weapons being purchased are "top secret."

Apart from the traditional pepper spray and rubber bullets employed by police for controlling large protests, Denver, Colorado and St. Paul, Minnesota officials may be spending large sums on weapons CNN calls 'science fiction like'.


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Has anyone considered

Razorwind Studios is an official endorser of Ron Paul, and we will live free or die! 14th alternate to MN state!

A counter to these? Like the microwave gun. It basically works by spraying high concentrations of microwaves at a target. What if you had a parabolic shield made of microwave-reflecting material? You could potentially redirect the beam back at the user, and they would have no way to stop it. I'm not sure how the sonic one works, but potentially it would work the same way.

where can you learn to make one .or to buy one??

this would be a handy thing to have

I just loved the goo

I just loved the goo gun...yup..right up there with tasers and ray guns...
It's hard to imagine that they're spending 100 million tax dollars just for the chance to try their new goodies on 'dissenters'..American citizens.

What have we come to?

we need to stop whining and fight back....

we need to buy or make defensive "weapons" so we can still peacefully demonstrate without being trampled on by their high tech stuff

Knew these weapons would be

Knew these weapons would be used against American citizens. Both conventions should fly the swaskita above their arenas.

Another $100 Million We Don't Have

To Fight the Citizens? Wonder who they are borrowing this sum from...the Chinese, the Russians? Does this heavy-handedness make sense to anyone? Besides those who attend the Convention, are they preparing to this extent because it is a scare tactic in general "don't demonstrate because we can and will use weapons against you," because they have word of demonstrations, because they have agents provocateurs all lined up?
Any ideas why such a serious approach to two conventions is necessary.....maybe because they are aware of impending financial disaster or war with Iran. Or maybe this is typical for a convention?
I think our people will need lots of backups from here on out...at the March (if you are on the East Coast and have toyed with the idea of going, please go!), let's everyone try to go to Ron Paul's Convention and show how civilized we are...and support our Campaign for Liberty. Does this strike anyone the way it did me? I had a very busy day today...maybe I'm just overly tired.


They dont care how civilized we are

they will turn into beasts to acomplish these agendas. I cant help but notice how things just FEEL like they are gearing up for something. I believe since congress gave up thier powers, that they are lost to this adminstration. I believe they are pretending to be a functioning body of government. Not only to keep thier jobs, but to have a place at the table of the NWO. This guise can only continue so long before the American people catch on. I have a feeling Bush will not step down come september. Then what? I really try not to focus on that. I suspect there will be blood in the streets.

Never undamestitate the

Never undamestitate the power of stuplidity

if there is ..I wonder if people are deep inside..cowards...

meaning that are the people who stand up for themselves (and us) going to do it alone? or will people band together and work as a team to take down the S.O.B's'