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David Icke wants these two videos circulated to everyone, PASS IT ON

These include his presentation at his Big Brother By-Election Public Meeting

These videos by David Icke will have a dramatic effect on global awareness if enough people take the time and trouble to circulate them far and wide - short of spamming. Please send them to anyone and everyone you know and ask the receivers to do the same and so on.

In a short time through this method of circulation we could have tens of millions of people seeing this information worldwide and make a massive difference to human awareness of what is happening in the world that we daily experience.

Big Brother is terrified of such information circulating, so let’s do it as widely as possible all over the world.

These videos are free for anyone to use and circulate, put onto DVD for free, and basically circulate as anyone chooses - SHORT of commercial use. David retains the copyright for commercial use and these are intended only to be circulated for free as David himself is doing. By all means add subtitles to them in any language you wish (so long as it is accurate!).

Please mention that people can get even more information and daily updates on the latest headlines page at Davidicke.com.

Thank-you for your help with this - it is a way you can make a fantastic contribution to global awareness very quickly.


Go to Googlevideo.com and put the topic above in a search
It would be helpful if people also go into the Google version to push up the hit numbers and make it more likely that passing eyes will see it.
Please also send out this second video of David Icke speaking in 1996 - listen to what he said all those years ago and then look at the world today:

Go to Googlevideo.com for this one also

It would be great if someone could put these on dvd and pass them out to those still in the dark.
The world we have today described and predicted in 1996. It's extraordinary.



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I recommend it. No reptilians in it. But in a nutshell why we are here. And good and sound reasons are given to distrust David Davis.

Dr. Paul cured my apathy

Ron Paul was right

As strange as

the whole "reptilian" thing sounds, and is not part of these videos, but Ickes has discussed it in other places, it is an interesting conjecture.
And even more interesting is the fact that Ickes is not a religious individual, but the story actually does have parallels in religious thought, as the "devil" is described as a "serpent" and there are references to demons inhabiting bodies and nephalim intermingling with humans. And there are legends about "dragons" and "vampires" from various civilizations.
And there are signs that the activities of the "evil ones" have been perpetrated continuously over centuries and perhaps millennia, with seemingly no regard for the short life span of "humans" which seem to advance it.

Perhaps he's just a frustrated science-fiction writer.
Or, maybe he stumbled on to something that is so incredible that nobody would actually believe it.

It's VERY common for people to say that these world-dominator types "couldn't be human", even if only as a figure of speech.
Maybe it might be more literal than we think.
Some might call them "aliens", and religious people might call them "demons". Some might call them "inhuman" or "monsters". Others say "evil".
Maybe they are reptilians?

After all, he set out to do regular interviews about the NWO, and had numerous people report eyewitness accounts of it, without him having to ask them about it. He wasn't setting out to look for a reptilian body-snatching conspiracy.


for Liberty!

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There is no reptillian thing mentioned

This video is long but very good. There is a little audio trouble toward the banking talk.

I have never heard this guy say anything preposterous about reptilian stuff. If he has something contoversial to say he always admits exactly what his facts are and what is unknown.

If you want to look into the "rabbit hole" and think you can hadle it, this is a pretty heavy segment about big brother and I do not doubt much of what is said here.

Dr. Paul opens your eyes but this Ickes seems to take things a step further. He doesn't wear any sort of gloves or pay any attention to "diplomacy" like the hard working Doctor.

One of his books has a big reptile on the cover...

...if you're sincerely interested in his reptile theory, that book might be a good place to start. Hey, I don't even like the guy but I'm still helping to publicise his books :-)

Or you could always google "reptilian" with "David Icke". Or simply check out his wikipedia entry.

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Totally Agree

We all need to start thinking "out of the box" that society builds around us and stop disregarding information that doesn't fit into our tiny, tiny boxes.

must see

here is a direct link


and here the second one

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

I have to say that David Icke loses me on the reptillian thing.

But that doesn't mean I will be closed minded about it.

His info about the Tavistock Institute,and the circles of power, seem spot on
I wasn't around when the sumerians were,and I can't say for sure that giants didn't walk the earth.

I do know,that the more I study,the more I realize how little I knew.
To think we are the only ones in the universe is arrogant and ignorant.

BTW have you seen UFO's in ancient art?

Do you understand the symbology of the ancients?

I would be careful not to ridicule, that which we do not understand.

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Does the truth make some people go crazy?

When people start going down the rabbit hole and finding unbelievable truth after another, does it make people go into places that aren't actual truth?

I wonder if maybe there's too much truth for some people and if they get too much it clouds their vision for the other side of the rabbit hole.

Just a theory, but maybe some of these people are working a bit too hard because they feel its imperative to get this information out to as many people as possible. The consequence is alot of people can't fathom the length of the tunnel they need to transverse and the protagonasist is left as a crazy fool.


That's why I have to take some things in stride; do my research over time, over videos, events, multiple presentations, etc. Notice patterns, behaviors, how others have reacted to the subject throughout history. Human nature, history and knowing myself as much as possible has been my best defense. I assume the worst, but don't accept anything until I see or know or read the evidence that convinces me, or at least allows me to ask the question without necessarily knowing the answer.

Sometimes I feel like Neo in the Matrix. Sometimes I feel like Neo after he's out, and then voluntarily jacks himself back in, possessing outlawed information. Sometimes I just need to take a damn nap...

For liberty!! *gong*

For Liberty!! *GONG*

Disinfo Agent

After doing a little reading on this guy, his purpose is to mislead. Whether or not he's aware of that is the result. I never heard of him, but noticed on prisonplanet.com that Alex Jones had him on for an interview. A couple of days ago, the caption beneath the link to the interview said that he says the way to defeat the illuminati is to tap into a higher consciousness.

For me this is also part of the solution. However, I went to his website and his reptilian theories are just bunk, imho. I know a little about this topic "New Age" and his "New Age" is a distortion of a REAL truth that is there and can help.

I know there are a lot of Paul supporters who are disillusioned with traditional Christianity. If you are searching for truth, I would stay away from this guy and all his connected with. You cannot go wrong with Jesus! If you want to know what He is about and if you are sincere just ask Him and he will show you. His way is Love, Truth! Just stay with him and away from all others. Even if you decided long ago not to go to Church, stay with him in your mind and heart and ask him to lead you to what is pure and true. He will help.

This leads me to question Alex Jones. I noticed in one interview I was interested in (Michael A. Hoffman) that he was erratic with his questions and would cut him off, not rudely but it would go off on a tangent.

Reptilian thing is nonsense!


Why does everyone's New Age have to be the same? What did u disagree with, other than the reptilian thing? Some of the clips on the website are a little unbelievable, but those aren't his clips. To say that you know for sure that the reptilian theory is nonsense is....well....nonsense. Do u have some kind of special knowledge about the workings of this planet that no one else does? And just because he believes in something different than you do doesn't mean he's a dis-info agent...



reptiles have a 1000 bumps

reptiles have a 1000 bumps

Ahhh the bumps...

They are a real bitch. I get my homies back in Draco to send me the ointment through hyperspace ;-)

-"Ron Paul cured me of my predilection for Che Guevara T shirts."

slavery serfdom this planet is


two years before 9/11 Russian FSB renamed KGB did this...
Litvinienko was killed because of this.........
the horror continues......

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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

It's too bad we have SO MANY

It's too bad we have SO MANY SHEEPEOPLE in this world, take a good look at the propaganda you've been fed and then examine some other theories for yourself before you put them down. We have accepted the LIE for too long, even if you don't believe about the reptilians, take a look at the rest of the information and decide for yourself before you throw the baby out with the bath water.
I don't know about the reptilians myself, but I have researched for years about the illuminati, and I know all that is true, so get what you can and disregard the rest until your ready to research it for yourself.
I know people who sitll think the Federal Reserve is a part of our government, sometimes it takes a long time to convince people of the truth.

the pope is a reptilian from

the pope is a reptilian from Draco!

What about Boxcar Willie?


the British royal family, the Bush dynasty, the Pope AND Boxcar Willie?!


-"Ron Paul cured me of my predilection for Che Guevara T shirts."

Thanks for the videos. I'll

Thanks for the videos. I'll watch and pass on.

If you want to know what is

If you want to know what is taking place in this country/world, take a look at the videos, PLEASE



Who in the hell is David Icke?

Is that "ike" like "spike" or "ick" like you just squished a bug with your shoe?


Lisa C.

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You're a funny lady Lisa

Thanks for the laugh.

He's a total fruit loop...

Check out his wikipedia entry:


I saw this poor guy's meltdown on the "Wogan" show. He's never been the same since.

-"Ron Paul cured me of my predilection for Che Guevara T shirts."

Fruit loop? Why? Because he

Fruit loop? Why? Because he didn't follow the path that a "normal" person would have followed? The guy speaks to sold out auditoriums as well as sells millions of books--not bad for a fruit loop, eh?

If he's a best-selling author...

...and packs out auditoriums then he must be saner than I thought!

But speaking as a shape-shifting lizard from the constellation of Draco, I get annoyed when Mr Icke accuses me and my home boys of trying to take over the world ;-)

-"Ron Paul cured me of my predilection for Che Guevara T shirts."

Please, don't flatter

Please, don't flatter yourself!!! If you think for a second that you're apart of the reptilian group he speaks of then you're much stupider than you look.

I'm from Draco...Honest ;-)

but I'm a little puzzled by your comment:

"...you're much stupider than you look."

How do you know what I look like? I haven't posted any photos of myself on the Daily Paul...

-"Ron Paul cured me of my predilection for Che Guevara T shirts."