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Mccain jokes about killing Iranians

Seems like the war monger has it on his mind at all times huh ?

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doesn't seem all to controversial. almost makes him likable.

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Classic mcBain!


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McCain is a shame

McCain and his ilk is ruining the Republican party. Maybe it's by design, ruin it so no one will ever trust it again, then they create a new party and invite only those who don't follow the constitution.

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Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

I heard about this on the

I heard about this on the radio and was about to post this on here. I'm terribly afraid of obama's socialism but when I hear mccain's seemingly insatiable appetite for war and killing I'm tempted to throw support behind obama. Sure obama might go into pakistan but at least not iran and any other country that spoke ill of us.

Study Hall

Methinks you may yet have some homework to do, if you are under the impression that Obama won't support attacking Iran or other countries.

Mees Thinks

You never gots outta kindersgarten...MMMMMAAAAAAAMMMMMA. Troll.


Throw your support where your support really belongs. Don't compromise your values. I am sure Ron Paul critics have often wondered why he didn't cave in and join all the other lucifirians in Washington, but he never would even though his vote had not a chance of making a substantial difference. He voted his conscience for 20 years and look at how we admire him now. He is the only man most of us trust at all.

Do NOT compromise your standards. A vote for either CFR guy is not going to help your country one bit. It isn't like you just HAVE to vote for one or the other to keep the other one from getting it. If either get it, we are in deep, deep trouble.

Are you afraid someone will come after you if you vote for someone besides Obama or McCain? Are you afraid to let your name show up for someone with integrity? If so, how does that make you feel?

Man he's TERRIBLE!!!!

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