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Speech by "Rocky" Anderson - Mayor of SLC,

This speech really caught my attention and moved me beyond anything I've heard for quite some time, apart from Dr. Paul of course. As I've said in past posts, we cannot stop with just the presidential election. We need to stick together and clean house.

Read and be inspired.


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Rocky a Conservative???

I guess Hell must have frozen over. I, for one, do not trust Mr Anderson. Check his record. More flip flops than Romney on a hot plate.

yeah, but....

ok, i don't know him but i wish I had given that speech. Hey, i'll take what i can get from the stinking heap of carrion that is our American political system.

I think were going to see more of this!

I like what I read. However I don't know the man so, my question is ... Is this jumping on the bandwagon or is this truely the man's belief. You know how some politicians are... they stick their finger in the wind.... then thats what they believe.

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I don't know the man either.

Someone sent this to my wife and it hit home, so we decided to post it.
Mr. Anderson spoke of how a majority of us are feeling here in this country. If this is just jumping on the band wagon you can expect it from alot of other snakes in the political arena. They are starting to fear what we are doing for Ron and they are stating to realize that we the people are fed up. They are also starting to fear for their political lives, this is why we must stick together and to clean up all branches of the local,state, and federal governments. We need to go back to our roots and make the government a Government For The People By The People not a government for special interest by special interest.

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