Compete in the Ron Paul Sign Contest this weekend

To celebrate the debut of the Ron Paul Sign Page, the Ron Paul Meetup group of Portland, Oregon is happy to announce the Ron Paul Sign Contest!!!

Win REAL money -- stacks of Ron Paul silver dollars! Just submit your best ideas to be placed on signs made by 'Paulunteers' in support of Dr. Paul. For more information, see:

* Guidelines for the Contest

* Great Sign Ideas from Oregon (4-minute video)

* The Ron Paul Sign Page

* What is the Ron Paul Sign Page?

Just imagine -- our nationwide Ron Paul rallies and 'Banner Brigades' featuring signs like:

* "Dr. Ron Paul Cured My Apathy,"

* "No WMD? Ron Paul told CONGRESS in 2002,"

* or other ideas from YOU!

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 8PM ET (5PM PT), Thursday, November 8th. (Sign ideas posted before October 22nd are ineligible for prize money.)

With visions of creative Ron Paul signs 'from sea to shining sea,' the Portland Meetup group developed the Ron Paul Sign Page. As a categorized master list of sign ideas, the page will grow as a national resource consisting of sign suggestions submitted by Paulunteers everywhere. With this resource, you can now easily acquire great sign ideas that will ELECTRIFY your own 'Banner Brigades' -- just pick whichever messages resonate with YOUR local 'target market'.

PLEASE forward this page to other Ron Paul supporters, and post a notice on your favorite blog or message board. And if you host your own Web site, please consider adding the Sign Page Logo with an embedded link to the page.

In Peace, Liberty, & Fun!

Scott G. Sutton
Co-Organizer - Portland Ron Paul Meetup

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