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Is William F. Buckley still alive?....

...and would he support Ron Paul.

I would think so, and we should ask him to do so.

gainesville, fl

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He'd never endorse Paul

Buckley is one of the founders of modern conservatism. For years, he has argued for legalizing drugs. A couple of years ago, he spoke out on Iraq as a lost cause. So far, so good.


He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Their overarching goal is to eliminate all nation-states and put the rule of the world under the control of bankers and other elites. A Ron Paul presidency would undo half a century of CFR meddling with our country. The CFR-controlled media has done its best to ignore or belittle Paul. The other CFR candidates have gone so far as to giggle into their microphones whenever Dr. Paul is speaking. CFR Buckley will never, ever, support Ron Paul or anyone else who is serious about American sovereignty.

Are you serious?

He INVENTED the neocon (marxist) movement with William Kristol and others. I heard a wonderful speech about that at the NHCCS dinner..it was a history lesson.

In my best Sicilian mafia princess voice 'fagettaboutit!"

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Gore Vidal would be a better endorsement

As it would help generate new support from independents and even some Democrats (anti-war anyway).

I've speculated about an

I've speculated about an endorsement from him as well. Much of his writing would seem to suggest Paul would be his man, but these days he is bosom-buddies with Limbaugh, so I suspect he is irretrievably lost at this point, just like Rush.


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Depends on what you mean by alive...

His body is apparently still warm.

I think the soul was sold years ago -- he only ever endorsed someone if it would somehow further his own agenda, which (despite the Goldwater era) was essentially neo-con in nature. (Try to find the Ayn Rand vs WF Buckley debate/interviews from back in the 60's to see how volatile and warmongering he really was/is -- sorry I don't have a cite, but that stuff was all pre-internet).

I think an endorsement from him would not do much good.

An endorsement from his SON, however (author Christopher Buckley) would probably be a minor help in certain circles -- but not enough to be of that much note.


and he is 81. So don't expect him to be too active if he does agree (if he is even asked).


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