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Link to CNN Video Interview 11-02-07

Here is the portion of the Ron Paul interview today that is hosted on CNN's site. Nice interview!

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Please use the feedback form link in the other post to let them know that things are really in BAD SHAPE in this country when she can call the candidate with the most impeccable familly life and dedication to the truth about our government a 'flake' when we have other candidates running who cross-dress and cheat on their wives!

I guess that's the norm. I think Ron is too nice when handed comments like that but he better start pointing these things out and not be afraid to do a little bashing in defense of himself.

Since when is it flaky to tell the truth about things? To not want the country to be in debt, be at war, take away our freedoms?

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They just can't help themselves...

But I must say I love the patience of Ron Paul...he calmly turns it around.

Ron Paul is my HERO!!!

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