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What kind of attendance are other candidates getting at rallies?

I was searching on youtube for rallies of other GOP candidates and couldn't really find too many.

Are these other candidates not holding rallies?

If they are, are they bringing in anywhere close to what Dr. Paul brings to his rallies?

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The 'news' said 200 but that's what the hall capacity was.

At least Joel Stein told the truth when he said 700 show up for a hall that holds 200 and this article said 700 which I believe is correct.


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Giuliani was here in Milwaukee a few weeks back

...for a "fundraiser" dinner (bankers group, go figure) -- he did not even attempt to speak locally, and most certainly didn't have a rally -- the only ones who would probably have shown up would have been 9/11 truthers, and he wants to avoid that at all costs.

I think they are all betting/hoping/pushing that the media "inevitability" line -- along with spending bucks in Iowa -- is going to somehow "create" and complete the campaign for them -- hence the reason the local GOP establishments are pushing for EARLY primaries in whatever states they can, they want a "selected" candidate, NOT an "elected" one.

Conversely, I've been using a printout of this page http://www.infiniteronpaul.com/meetupmaps/ to show local people that (despite the media "blackout" and jibes about it being an "internet only" campaign) that the RELATIVE support for Ron Paul is tremendously larger than for any other candidate (Democrat OR Republican) --

If nothing else, it makes it abundantly clear that his REAL support (in terms of people willing to do *something* FOR their candidate) so vastly outdistances all the other purported "frontrunner" RINO candidates that it can be said they are all nothing more than creations of the media and Astroturfing done with "Big City/Big Gov'mt" money.

(BTW, RINO = Republican In Name Only -- which is a popular curse-word within the core GOP around here; to call someone a RINO is to essentially call them a "traitor" and to cut there legs off entirely, so I've begun pushing them to realize that Giuliani, Romney, et al are actually RINO's.)

Here's a good EXAMPLE!!!

More Ron Paul supporters than Guiliani supporters at a Guiliani event!!!!


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Gotta love it

I especially liked the last part where the Ron Paul supporter was trying to convince the security guy to vote for Ron Paul. Want to make a bet that he does? LOL

Other Republicans have no actual support

Basically what you have is media manipulation. The other candidates really have no support - the biggest I have seen is about 50 people, with the exception of the first Iowa Straw Poll where Mitt paid to bus people in - that was his biggest to date. In order to compare rally's you would need to move over to the Democrat Party where Obama has thousands of supporters like Ron Paul. Obama and Ron Paul have the most

The real facts are this, and remember this its very important. As much as you think the average voter knows who the candidates are - THEY DON'T

Ask anyone who Mitt Romney
Rudy Giuliani
Fred Thompson
Ron Paul
Duncan Hunter
John McCain

Here is thier probably answer

Mitt Romney - What kind of name is Mitt?
Rudy Giuliani - Someone from New York
Fred Thompson - Gopher from Love Boat (his name was
Fred Grandy)

Ron Paul - The Pope
Duncan Hunter - Founder of Dunkin Donuts
John McCain - Guy who died in Viet Nam

Seriously this is how uninformed the average voter is, which is good news
for Ron Paul because we have more people out there informing others about who Ron Paul is.

Bad news is that in the next 30 days or so, they will get informed by the Main Stream Media about the person they see most on the news, tv shows etc.

You hit the nail on the head

Furthermore, the MSM is guilty guilty guilty of Yellow Journalism. They have not come clean about their participation in making the war, their making it happen and maintaining and keeping the washington narrative alive.

Now come Ron Paul, the anti-war candidate.

The battle then comes down to two media empires.... MSM vs the newby, the Internet...which is suddenly "aware" of its need to protect itself from Govt.

The military industrial complex, govt, MSM have lined up on one side of the gravy train......lots of industries are linked one way or another to this side.........VS..... this new creation, the internet, has yet to fall under that umbrella. Lots of little companies and some big ones too like Google are on this side.

The question is, how long can the internet remain pure, virginal, and free?

Can the internet save America? The internet has picked its candidate for the real world, the other side has picked Hillary and are busy trying to stack the deck with a "choice" of Giuliani, McCain, Thompson, Romney. Obama knows he is not even a VP choice, doesnt want to be, because his campaign --which says nothing of substance---is marketing itself for 2012-2016.

We will see....stay tuned.

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Funny post!

Funny post! Thanks for the laugh.

Hey, did you ever see the Wikipedia page with the list of presidents?

It's a good laugh, too.


a recent comparison in Wyoming

Duncan Hunter and Ron Paul both came to Cheyenne, Wyoming on Sunday Oct 28.

Ron Paul had a rally with 300-400 supporters. Video available.

Duncan Hunter had no rally.

Ron Paul had a fundraiser at The Plains hotel with about 75 supporters.

Duncan Hunter had a fundraiser at the same hotel at the same time with only a handful of people present.

Straw Poll that same evening:

Ron Paul 49
Thompson 25
Hunter 15
Romney 14

I was there :-)

It rocked. I have say I disagree on the numbers, though. While there were probably about 75 people at the fundraiser in the hotel there were probably only 200-300 at the rally. Either way it is far more than any of the other candidates draw in big cities, let alone Wyoming!

From a few video's and little coverage on this that I've seen...

over the months... I don't think any other Republican Candidate gets the same volume of people in an audience. (sorry I don't have the links)
I suppose they don't think they need to either (imo) because they get enough coverage on TV & Radio.

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