Ron Paul on CNN Anderson Cooper 360 11-2-07

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Soledad is a jerk!

I am so disappointed in the rude attack interview--the worst I've seen. She uses these worthless poll numbers to paint Paul as having absolutely no hope. She conveniently avoids any mention of all the straw poll wins Paul has under his belt. Dr. Paul does a great job calmly addressing her objections. This is a great example of how far the media has gone to dissuade voters. I can't imagine them treating John McCain this way, even though he's going down fast.

Comfortable in His Shoes

I thought this was a very good presentation by Ron Paul, as he was given enough time to answer his questions clearly and without interruption.

It's sad though that he is the only candidate set up and asked by the programmed interviewers, what he would do if he didn't win the election. I am very happy that he retains a positive attitude toward and understands the ulterior motives behind questions such as this and responds as he does...that he doesn't crumple under their arrogance.

I remember when Pat Buchanan was running in 2000, how he would continuously shoot himself in the foot when the 1% and 2% "poll" numbers were pitched continuously at him....he would never issue a positive response but fell for their baiting...I used to yell at the screen at him and say "for goodness sake Pat, why are you agreeing with their phony statistics....don't just sit there and accept it, FIGHT BACK". I think this is a major issue in comparing the campaigns of the two candidates. When you are outside the pack, they will try every which way to downplay your popularity - hence their phony poll statistics, etc.

Regarding the non-stop polling and statistics.....
Since when do we elect anyone to office via polling? WAY too much emphasis is placed on polls and don't we all know they are nothing but a total distraction. ENOUGH ALREADY with these ridiculous polls!! Polling has grown totally out of hand over the years as a tool by the elites to sway the public toward how they want them to vote and many uninformed voters will vote based upon what polls say. We see the lack of accuracy in what the public thinks every time the phony 2% polling level is continally paraded out to keep the good candidates from going anywhere and to discourage and scare people from voting for them. If that doesn't work and it usually does, then the public is conditioned to vote for the "lesser of the two evils".

How can we really know how the public feels when pollsters don't say what areas - whether predominantly liberal, conservative, etc - are polled, what questions, loaded or not are asked, nor do we know the bias one way or the other of the pollster. They can easily poll 1000 people in a liberal area, not give out that information and then say that their polls indicate that the people are for something when in reality most people would be against it.

About the only - small - criticism I would have for Ron Paul - especially in this interview is that even though he basically dismissed the 2% level that was put forward, I think he could be a little stronger in his denial of the nonsensical poll data and NEVER fall into agreeing that it is an accurate assessment of his popularity. I would love to see him turn it back toward them and challenge forcefully their assertion about his low poll numbers.

"Bad men cannot make good citizens. It is when a people forget God that tyrants forge their chains. A vitiated state of morals, a corrupted public conscience, is incompatible with freedom." Patrick Henry

I want to see Anderson interview Ron Paul

A lot more people would take notice if Anderson himself interviewed Ron Paul. Has anyone seen clips from the Friday night segment over the weekend? Anderson is the most popular and highest-rated show on CNN. I say get Ron Paul back on the show when Anderson is there.

Social Security

I liked how he handled that question.

Answers Matter

What I continually am impressed about Ron Paul is the way he answers (in an informative manner) the questions. The PRESS is looking for a Dean moment, they are looking for the guy to fall.

I keep seeing the press fall... In a year, lot of these "journalists" will like to forget the questions that they asked. One Stephonopolus comes to mind.

Anyway, this is great stuff. Never have I been so excited about a Future President and policy and respect he'd bring to the office.

The Rich Sage

The Rich Sage

Great Clip

Some complaints about using the old Paul-Guiliani exchange are noted, but that video clip is PURE GOLD! We readers of DP might have seen that exchange the night of the debate, or on a YouTube video, but how many CNN viewers saw it? There is no better demonstration of the difference between Rudy and Ron, it's clear as day, and you can hang your hat on it!

Soledad loves him

You could see that old journalism school major that used to have ideals trying to get out, but that would mean the loss of a job.

Election Polling by the media has been hijacked by corporations and it preys upon the nature of people to bet on the winning horse. Run the polls, own the election. This works with an apathetic populace.

Politics has been reduced to a NFL game show, since most of working America has abandoned it.

The true nature of the power of the internet, and the massive technology shift of the past 10 years is not truly on their radar.

The handful of conglomerates that control 90% of what we see and hear in the media view the internet as an extension of television and radio, that should be used to sell products, but it's only a fraction of it's true power.

But they are trying, through back doors, to get control of all of it.

Ron Paul is a masterful interview, and Americans are seeing a very smart, honest man.

Liberty and Freedom are a beacon; not a bullet.

Soledad loves him???

I was really offended how she asked her questions. The questions she asked were well researched by some entity other than her.

Those were not "HER" questions. Whoever designed those questions, were trying to make RP Stumble...and he came through GREAT. Remember what CNN means.......and I will expalin.

CNN=Communist News Network.

Why you may ask???

I travel outside this country almost every month. The news that we see in the United States is so filtered as compared to what is really happening is amazing. The news in the United States is like watching a Disney Film rated G. The CNN news that I see outside the United States is way different. CNN World from Argentina shows you he truth. They show you the graphic footage of children being blown up in Iraq. They show you the "Somewhat Real" Footage of what war really is. It is still somewhat filtered, but, it is way more graphic, and close to the truth in regards to what is seen in the states. Remember...Our current President has banned any photos of USA coffins coming back from the Iraq War.

You are not allowed in the states to see what war is truley like!

This interview was a waste

This interview was a waste of everyone's time. Soledad is an idiot. Even Jay Leno gave a better interview.

That's about it.


The show probably was seen by a million or more who knew little or nothing about Dr. Paul beforehand. During the interview Dr. Paul was relaxed, engaging and articulate -- at the top of his game for voter appeal IMO, helped by a host who didn't cut him off or put him through a meat grinder a la Bill O'Reilly.

THAT interview WAS a waste of time. Why so this one?

paul did get face time and

paul did get face time and that was the purpose of this interview and it was great but her tone and those smirks she gave when she asked a question or said something she thought would illicit some negative reaction from paul were too noticeable and too much for me, it distracted me from what he was saying. but airtime is airtime.

Ron Paul Gaining Speech Confidence

Have you guys noticed how much confidence Ron Paul has gained since the campaign is exploding?

I noticed the big confidence boost in his speech on Jay Leno....and in this interview he's SO calm, and cool, and when the interviewer tried to pull a negative one on him saying, such and such writer quotes you as being "flakey", Ron Paul every so cooly said, "Anyone who thinks you can print money out of thin air, that's flakey, most Americans think what's going on in Washington is pretty flakey, etc."

Ron Paul is really starting to talk like an the good sense...
He is developing a commanding style of speech in response to questions intent on ridiculing him....and he wins...

I'm proud of you Dr. Paul!!!

Glad you posted this in the forum, too

We all worried about Ron Paul, because he has been consistently attacked from all sides and ignored and ridiculed. He is still right! If you believe the polls, you would think this country was a confederacy of dunces.

It's nice to see Ron Paul gaining speech confidence and presenting a more powerful and presidential aura. It reaffirms the faith of everyone who believes so strongly in him and for those who continue to support and encourage his bid for the White House.

Canada Loves Ron Paul... and you Paulites, too!

Canada Loves Ron Paul

I thought the "flaky" question was the best possible question

for Dr. Paul. The whole "crazy", "flaky", "nerdy", thing has to be hit head-on, and to do that, he needs more opportunities like in this interview.

Dr. Paul handled this pretty much perfectly using, what would be known in improv, as "yes, and...." He acknowledge the assertion (yes, they do say that), and then he added information about why they are the flaky ones. The worst thing you could do in that situation would be to make some denial (I'm not flaky!). In the end, you may have said the same thing, but the "yes, and..." engages the audience and draws them into your answer.

Good job Dr. Paul!!!

My only gripe I have about

My only gripe I have about this interview was that Soledad referred to old polling numbers (which I am not a fan of anyway). That said, Ron was a bit more bold/confident in this interview. I was pleased with the following:

  • Soledad called Ron a non-interventionalist, not an isolationist. How often has this happened on MSM bits?
  • Ron said the other candidates are "going down" as far as fundraising and whatnot goes.
  • Ron returned fire on those who keep painting him as flakey, fruity, insane, etc. Like someone else said, we should tell those people to look in the mirror.
  • Ron pointed out that polling numbers are not credible, as we have seen in past elections and how people like Frank Luntz go about gathering the data

Great Interview!

She addressed all of the negative statements about Ron Paul and gave him a long period of time to answer these negative accusations and lies, like abolishing SS, importance of polls, 9/11 and flakey. She threw him softballs and Ron Paul knocked them out of the park! THIS is journalism letting a candidate address the negative lies about him with truth and facts on his positions. I personally plan on emailing CNN 360 and thanking them. Ron Paul got more positive exposure to millions in that interview than money can buy.

This has to be one of the

This has to be one of the worst interviewers I have ever seen. She is supposedly a Harvard graduate you could of fooled me LOL.

Right on

Dr. paul indicating that Washington is flaky and printing money out of thin air is flaky, This is ammunition that we can use against those who say that Ron Paul is flaky?
I guess those who still believe in th Constitution and bill of Rights are also flaky, Oh My this MSM is just about as flaky and scripted for the neo-cons as they come.

GREAT interview DR.PAUL !!!!!!!!!!!

"Freedom is a right that can never be won in war,only by each individual "


Dr. Paul had an almost perfect response to that question. All the "flaky, crazy, nerdy" aspersions are pretty easy to dispel, but they must be dispelled because they cause a nagging doubt in the electorate. I'm very glad she asked that question, and I wish more interviewers would ask it (they don't because they know the answer a priori, and they know how bad the answer makes them look since they've been casting the aspersions). It gave Dr. Paul a chance to respond to his critics, and he mostly knocked it out of the park. I think he should come up with a standard "laundry-list rant" that he can run through instantly upon being asked that question. The longer the list, the more absurd the other side seems in calling Dr. Paul flaky.

Soledad needs to listen better

A good journalist will listen to the answers and then, usually, ask a follow-up question. Ron Paul dropped a big bomb about the borrowing from China (I wish he would say Communist China) and that they could make things very bad for the U.S. Soledad either didn't hear this, or just let it go. Huge point. She was busy reading the next question, without paying attention to what Dr. Paul said. And so it went, Soledad went down the list of questions without listening to the answers once.

She is very nice looking, however. That is probably why she got hired.

CNN Interview

It's amazing how these interviews keep recycling the same questions over and over. Also, it's amazing how Soledad O'Brien kept saying he was 2% in the polls. According to for the month of October he was 3% on the Pew and Zogby polls and 3.5% on the USA Today poll. For October in the state polls, he was: 5.7 in Michigan; 5 in Arizona; 6 in Texas; 4.8 in New Hampshires; 4 in California, Washington, Maryland, and Pennsylvania; 3.2 in Iowa; and 3 in Connecticut, Georgia, and South Carolina. In most of these he had been carrying only 1 or 2 percent just a couple of months ago.

In terms of the other candidates, Ms. O'Brien kept stating he was at the bottom in the polls. From what I can see on, he is doing better than at least three other candidates.

Frankly, to which polls was Ms. O'Brien referring? What kind of research do these "professional reporters" do before they conduct interviews?

Please give us some honesty for a change, huh? Go Ron Paul!


I thought the interview was awesome. He knocked every question out of the park and I especially loved the last question.

Awesome job, Dr. Paul. Simply awesome.

here! here!

Probably the best interview, from top to bottom, that I've seen.

I didn't like it

I thought there were too many indirect personal attacks. Also some of his answers were not as straight forward as they have been.

stupid media

The media is just plan stupid. They don't do any investigate reporting and they don't have enough brains to really look at why he is polling so low in those polls. Who they're polling etc. Showing all the new voters, the democrats and all the others supporting Dr. Paul. If he wins in New Hampshire or does very well, then the MSM will be surprised. How did he do that as he is only polling at 2% nationally? I don't think they're doing it on purpose, I think they just don't have a clue.

Chesapeake, VA

i can't wait for new hampshire

when we can finally get rid of this 2% polling BS. It angers me to no end.


She went back 5 months, to show that clip from MAY. Lol, - you call that news? - maybe CNN should get on top of things a little quicker >.< Seems like she brought it up, just for the sake of it.

Ended all right, same ignorant questions etc. though. Better than no coverage however.


What a lame interview. If this interview was held 8 - 10 weeks ago I wouldn't feel this way but it just seems like they just want to keep Ron Paul and his supports trapped in a blackhole. The same crappy questions, the same Giuliana vs Dr.Paul debate, the same lame polling numbers. Either CNN is and their producers are purposely doing this stuff or they are just a tired, old, out-step news organization that really needs to be ignored. At least FOX News tries to at least challenge him on the present.

Ban CNN!