9 in 10 Americans See the Constitution As Still Relevant (Who's that 1?)

Poll Track: A Strong Constitution

Take heart, Ron Paul! A new Zogby poll shows nine in 10 Americans believe the U.S. Constitution is still relevant in today's world, and most believe the Founding Fathers would frown upon recent attempts to clamp down on civil liberties, from driving without a seat belt to smoking marijuana.

The nationwide poll conducted to coincide with the Independence Day holiday reveals an American public strongly in favor of states' rights on issues like abortion and drug policy and distrustful of government attempts to regulate Internet usage and certain types of speech. That may explain why Paul, the libertarian Texas congressman vying for the Republican nomination for president on a platform of strictly small government, has such a vocal if tiny base of support.

On the flip side, Michael Bloomberg -- who many speculate is considering an independent White House bid -- should note that less than a quarter of respondents think George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and company would be pleased with his initiatives to ban indoor smoking and eliminate trans fats in New York City.

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Whos that 1?

Faux News, The so called "liberal" media even though they arent really liberal, Anyone involved in running corporate america, the gullible people that pay attention to what media outlets, corporate america, and the neocons have to say and believe it. Need I go on?

9 in 10

Who are the one out of ten? Apparently Bush and the Neocons. Can't be someone who knows the Constitution.