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Productively Doing Nothing

From Dr Paul's latest book, A Foreign Policy of Freedom:

I do believe that if the Democrats and the Republicans played more baseball and legislated a lot less, the country would be much better off. I am convinced the annual baseball game played by the Republicans and the Democrats must be considered one of the most productive events in which the Members of Congress participate.

I agree totally. I remember cheering at the 1995 Govt Shutdown, agreeing completely with Rush Limbaugh that it was not a crisis, but a blessing.

Our current system, though, encourages members of the legislature to constantly write and pass legislation so that they can be seen as "productive" and "effective" even though they would be most useful doing little or nothing.

How can we change our system to reward less legislation and smaller govt? My best idea so far is to require a super-majority in order to pass anything. That would slow 'em down, eh?

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