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Ron Paul Drawing


OK, I am trying to raise money for the St. Paul trip.

Would anyone even be interested in bidding on a ebay auction of a Ron Paul drawing? All benefits go directly towards funding the train tickets to St. Paul. If I don't raise enough money overall, all proceeds go to campaign for liberty.


There is a rough sketch of my first drawing. The final item on ebay will be finished and cleaned up It is on a 12"x9" piece of drawing paper and done in Graphite.

The final piece will be numbered 1/1 (one of one) as it will be an original and also signed by myself.

I just want to see if there is any interest until I devote more time and energy into this.



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Rau pauls drawing are

Rau pauls drawing are fantastic and they are also very meaningful,the drawings would have bee posted in this blog so for the new users of this blog who didn't know much about the Rau paul.

You are very talented....

And as Freedom4me says below, the one with RP holding the baby in the Flag is my favorite, too....also the one with him resuscitating the Constitution (with paddles) is another good one...

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Ron Paul 2012...and beyond




Keep them coming!! Put that one up on EBAY AS IS!! I am a Bidder. Your time is worth it. I am a buyer. It is important to me. You have talent man!!

Don't even question it.....put all of your sketches up!! I am in!!

I started a chip-in after a

I started a chip-in after a comment by another user.


If you chip-in what you think it is worth I will mail you a drawing. I will make as many as need be. All will be original.


Start a chip in and I will throw you fifty

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bucks. How much do you need?

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I started a chip in. I don't even know how to thank you for your incredible generosity! Hopefully I can thank you in person at St. paul!

Leave your address in the chip-in if it allows you to comment and I will make sure to mail you a drawing!



I think you are talented and very creative in your ideas to make money. One criticism...it isn't a very flattering portrayl of Ron Paul. Hint: my favorite is the one of him holding the baby wrapped in an American flag. Maybe you could come up with something which would provoke more emotion or cover an emotional issue.

I which you the best...I think it is a great idea.

thanks for the comment!

thanks for the comment! Your right! I will make sure to make the rest of the drawings more emotional!


I Agree.